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Home for The Hoildays, I Just Don't Like Some of My Kin Folk!

It's looking like that time of year again, I mean you've made it past Halloween, and now on a rocket launch to Thansking where you plan to eat, sleep and have the time of your life, but whose all coming for dinner? For starters you don't get along with many of your kin folks, and that's for real. This is a time where family time is important, just know that not everyone is planning on playing by the Thanksgiving hoilday rules.

Why should you be the quiet one, hold your peace, or walk away? This happens every year and folks look at you as if you are the reason for the family not coming together again, I mean who are they kidding you there to stuff your face, just like the rest of them. The last thing you are looking for is a fight on a full stomach, but if you have to knock someone on their gluteus maximus, or curse them out while stuffing your face, it is what it is, right? Wrong, if you know that you will have some unlikable folks at the family dinner, that just so happen to be a part of your family, and rub you the wrong way, get there early and leave quick. You can still have a great time if you learn to ignore the foolishness by not being drawn into confusion, or worse a fight. If you feel that you may not be able to keep your peace, consider visiting a day early and making Thanksgiving dinner at home, then invite those family and friends who feel the same way as you over. Below is a list of things to watch out for during Thanksgiving get togethers.

Being the attention hog!

Fussing over pitty issues.

Making a big deal over everything that's said to you.

Visiting with an heavy heart, especially when you feel that someone owes you an apology.

You will not get what you are looking for over a family dinner, if you and this relative have been having issues for sometime now . The problems you have is deep, and will not work itself out over the Thanksgiving hoilday, no matter how much you want them too, its not going to happen! Learn to be greatful for the small things, and if you have conflict issues with those crazy loved ones that get on your nerves, try not to use this Thanksgiving Hoilday to hash things out! You deserve peace and quiet like everyone else and it's your job to ensure that you receive just that!

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