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Don't Be a Sucker For Love!

Don't tell me you've fallen in love again with someone you've just met or have gone out with a few times. Finding love is not easy, but you know that already I take it! How long are you truly giving yourself to get to know someone? What makes them the one? Have you questioned them and received the answers you're looking for? Then I say again, why are you falling in love every second. I know that might be much, it may not be every second compared to your timeline, but every few days, weeks, or months. Once more, you end up alone, by yourself and lonely once again because you over thought your position. Come on, don't be a sucker for love, I tell you! It will only end up destroying you, leaving you bitter.

Take time to figure out what you want in a relationship and make sure that the other person can deliver, if not move on. You can't build a relationship on good looks, sexiness, hopes and promises, now can you? You just have to take the time you spend with someone seriously, know that not everyone gets the same treatment. Below is how you break out of the sucker for love cycle.

  1. Know your worth

  2. Leave sex out as the determining factor of staying with this person.

  3. Ask questions

  4. Know how they think when things aren't always fairytale.

  5. Learn how they act under pressure.

  6. Why arent they in a relationship?

Getting to the bottom of who it is you are looking to make space for in your life will take making sure that this person deserves it. Don't be a sucker for promises with no or very little commitment from the other person, you deserve the best, don't ever forget it!

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