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Stop Taking Back Your Ex!

How many times have you thought of that one person that hurt you the most? You took the hurt and pain, and jumped backed in the saddle of dating like a pro, but you are not all there. I mean you tell yourself that you're past your former love, but are you really? From where I am sitting you seem to compare everything in your next relationship to that jerk that broke your heart.

Listen, you will always remember the good times, not to mention the chemistry you two had, and somehow you find yourself missing that the most. Is it you or do you find yourself holding on to that old love that is now disabling you from feeling that way for anyone else? Face it the relationship has been over for a while, but you are not! Don't be sorry, you gave your heart, be sorry that you are not letting go. You can find the same type of connection with someone who will cherish and love you, not just for the things that you do or give.

Once more you have bounced back and forth with this person so many times, stop it! What have you learned? Can't you see you may be just a bit stronger then they are in moving on, trust your heart and walk away. Break up love is never easy, worse you become twisted into thinking that's the norm, it's not!

What could they possible be sorry for this time? Oh...let me guess, everything, not to mention how they've disrespected you, neglected you, ignored your feelings and cheated on you, did I cover it? How many times are you going to take them back? Do yourself a favor and cut your losses, your relationship should not keep getting jump started to exist.

If you keep taking them back your heart will be no good for anyone, your ability to trust will be gone and worse you will be a victim at your own hands. It's time to say goodbye once and for all to that ex that seems to never want it to be over!

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