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Black Lives and The Killing Process!

Everyone hates hearing Black Lives matter, but why? This seems to be the debate as many groups of people feel that they have suffered more so than black people. We all know life is important and the meaning behind that statement has more to do with the killing and media airing black lives taken without a justifiable cost that screams, “we are human, we are just like you, we want to live, stop killing us, stop killing our sons, our daughters and celebrating their deaths across the media as if we don't know that's what you're doing”. Until other races are killed and aired around the world daily and weekly, the fight for black lives will always continue. The terror is real, and we are all a part of the hunt and kill process. Focus on what you can do to bring awareness to your community no matter who you are.

For now, enjoy the fact that your sons and daughters are not spread across the media daily. For now, enjoy the that you are not shot down for jay walking, a broken tail light, not wanting to get out of your car and the list goes on. For now, enjoy your life.

Some of us have just said, fuck it! I am not going down without a fight, but wait, you have a family, son, daughter and you must teach them a better way in a world full of hate and judgement.

Now we are forced to add to our fears the threat of ISIS, but wake up, we have our own terror group right here, homegrown in the United States, called prejudice, racism, every other privilege and white privilege. While the rest of the world runs around in terror over what God they serve the modern day negro, color man and African American is running in between this reality trying to survive not being shot down by another brother, or the law. Every race will tell you that they have it bad, let’s see your death chart statistics over the last month or the last week? At the end of the day we may be all running from something, its just that the black man and woman are running from a lot more and little faster in this hunt and killing process. Just know that once they stop hunting and killing mines, they will surely start hunting and killing yours!

When Will You Wake UP?

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