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He's a Damn Good Man!

Women are not the only ones that are hurt in relationships. A good man can easily be on the receiving end of a nasty, reckless, drama filled, disrespectful and disloyal relationship where he's doing everything right and his partner, everything wrong. Once more men take the blows like a pro while their heart breaks inside. Just because you don't see that man crying when you've done him wrong does not mean that he does not care, he does.

A good man cries when their heart hurts or is broken by the love of their life. if you have a good man in your life, but you can't stop running the streets or hanging out with your friends, understand the damge you are causing. Just like a good woman when a good man is tired of you, tired of caring the only thing he has to say is bye, by that time it's too late. There are some doors you won't be able to open if they're close.

Learn to respect that person in your life, since they don't have to be with you. Learn to see them for who and what they are, a good man. A realtionship that is worth keeping is going to take your effort and time to make it work. If you really love this person, stop pushing them away from you, let them love you! Love is not always about what you can get from the other person. It's about what you give in return for what you get. Learn how to give love and respect to your relationship. Learn to talk things out when it gets too emotional for you. A man does not alway know what's going on in your mind and you should not expect him to!

Only you can fight for your relationship to work if you are the one that is taking advantage of your good man. He is not always going to be around, you know that right? What you invest in today is what can sustain you tomorrow. Know that you deserve more than abuse if you are a good man and that not everyone will get that, which means you must be selective or a damaged heart will force you to. In the end you can have the love you want, with the person you desire, but it will take a united effort. If that person won't work with you too make your love strong, you should be out the door, enough said!

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