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Empty Nest Syndrome!

I thought empty nest syndrome was a myth, until it hit me my kids are leaving the nest, making a break for it and finding a life of their own. Now what am I supposed to do with all of this extra space in my home? What do I do with the extra rooms? Further more, who will I fuss with? I don't think I am ready, maybe they are not ready, but I knew the day I had my son and daughter that they would be making a life of their own without me begging them to stay. I've tried everything in the book to keep my daugher close too me and now she's ready to spread her wings and fly, I am so afraid of not having them here with me. My son escaped by going into the military and now having them both home as young adults only to hear they are planning on moving out sends chills down my spine. This was the conversation I had just the other day with my bestie, what's funny about this is, I am going through the same thing.

We don't want to be those parents who turn on the news and think it's our child that is hurt, but what are we thinking, we have two young responsible adults who know what they need to do and it is our job to get out of their way and let them live their lives, this is what I told myself and my bestie. I won't be so alone since I have my dog, cat and coach potato husband, smile. Boy, I will sure miss them and I hope they don't forget us when they empty their rooms and walk out of our home for the last time. I guess this is the way many mothers and fathers feel when their child is about to make a break for it!

A new life is waiting for them as well as for me. Many parents are ready to embrace whatever may come, they just wish they did not feel so sad. It sucks because you feel as if you are losing something. You are not losing anything but gaining an adult, one that may not need your advice all of the time, but your friendship. Oh how so long ago it was when I cleaned their boo boo's and watched them fuss over who will ride in the front seat of the car, smile. The sweetest thing was my daughter telling me that she will be here for me but I want so much more, I guess mothers can be a little selfish at letting go!

Too ease this transition of having no kids around, keeping busy is the key. The more you do the less you will think about your kids being gone. This is also the perfect time to do things you've been thinking about doing like walking around the house anyway you want, wink wink, I guess them moving out gives everyone the space they need. There are so many things that you can start doing now that your kids are no longer in need of you or in your home. Can you say more date nights are on the horizon, without that call from your kids at home saying, mommy where are you? Once more this is a time for everyone to grow and move closer together including you and your partner like back in the days when you first hooked up. I guess you will find like I have that having an empty nest is not so bad after all!

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