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My Controlling Mama-in-law, her Son Loves her more than His Wife!

You've been married for twelve years, but not by your mother-in-law timeframe. Your husband has moved away to grow your relationship and it has pissed your mother-in-law off to no end. Why are you complaining, you knew she babied her son? You also knew that she is very controlling and your husband values her opionion over yours. This is the root problem of all marriages with monster mother-in-laws not letting go or seeing their sons as full grown men. You should have put your foot down a long time ago, but you were too busy trying to find your place in the family as a daughter instead of as a daughter-in-law, how is that working for you now? You don't have too tell me, I know if you are not on your way to divorce court you have strong plans to leave your relationship and fast.

Having an overbearing mother-in-law that does not allow her sons to go on with their new lives is like having an anaconda python around suffocating your relationship. I get it, if your mother-in-law was not calling on her son, she was calling on you and you did everything she told you to do, am I right? You are not going to get rid of this mother-in-law of yours that easy if you have allowed her to set-up as the head woman in your relationship, which you have. Now you need help because your relationship is runing out of time and your husband is more into acting like a boy than a man when it comes to his mama and you a daughter instead of a daughter-in-law. This is where women screw up all the time. You truly can't be besties or a daughter too your mother-in-law without giving up some form of control. Not every mother-in-law is this way, there are some beautiful relationships out there where the mother-in-law is not looking to control her son or your relationship.

Many times these monther-in-law monsters are controlling of their sons and distant with their own daughters. Why is that? Why is mama bear controlling of her sons and not her daughter or her relationship with her daughter is a war zone? The daughter knows her mother and sees her controlling ways for what they are, she does not have to work to fit in the family, she's in it whether she likes it or not, mama knows this.

With her sons they are out to protect her and make sure she is happy and when that happiness is threatened by some outside pidgeon or woman looking to get her claws into her son, let's just say mama goes into full effect, making you fit right in. If you are in need of a mother figure or father figure, Gotcha!!! Don't think you can convince your husband to tell his mother to get a life, not going to happen. The minute that happens you are now an enemy of his mother and him. You can be laughing today and crying tomorrow because he will tell his mother everything that's going on in his life. If you find yourself asking your mother-in-law for advice when her son is not treating you the way you want to be treated, you just handed over your marriage. Did you know that some mother-in-laws cause their sons to fuss and fight you as horrible as that sounds, it's true.

You may not like the title of being called daughter-in-law but take it from me, it sets boundaries that a controlling mother-in-law can't and won't cross. She does not know you that well and watches your every move. So if you are the type that is set up to win over the mother and hell with the sister-in-law, you are missing out on an opportunity to know how mama bear thinks, don't get it twisted you are only being embraced by mama so that she can win over your trust and contiune controlling your husband. Keep your distance and always stay respectful unless you are looking for more than just a husband, but a new family of your own.

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