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Letting Go Means, You are Moving On!

The year is soon to end as a new one prepares to take its place. With that comes new opportunity, events, issues and problems. You’ve either had a year like no other or you are ready for this one to end because of so much hell and drama you've had to endure. So you welcome new life, and new change, but you still have something on your heart. God knows that the last thing that you want to do is hold on to things that have hurt you, but you don't know how or not ready to let it go. What's worst, holding on to the past or reliving it? I tell you they both are bad since you can't have one without the other, right!

If you think about it, who really are you hurting by not letting go and moving on? I mean who cares other than you, that you know off? You may think that the other party whoever they may be feels the same as you about moving on, but that's not always the true. In reality some people are clueless about ever hurting you. they just don't see it the same way you do, it’s okay! Listen, you can't go around holding on to something unless you plan on doing something about it. For me holding on means, letting go and I do that by cutting you off or talking it out. How do you handle issues in your life so that you can move on? Either way you have to decide which way is it that you want to go with this person. Do you want them in your life or not is really the question? If you are waiting on an apology, don't count on it. When someone needs you or wants to use you, they will say whatever they have too to keep you around and when they no longer need your, well you get it.

Only you know how you feel, you can still forgive and move on without contact with that person. Sometimes goodbye is as much a blessing as hello. Know that your inner peace is just as important as your outer peace for your healing and mental peace. If you have been crying more than laughing, its time for you to move on.

To learn more about how to move on from hurt and pain, pick up Johanna Sparrow books on letting go and healing today. Don't be afraid to share this post, we all need to be reminded that we have been holding on a little too long.

Your Personalized Prescription

For Moving on and letting go

  • Accept the truth and be thankful.

  • Take all the time you need.

  • Meet new people

  • Trust yourself that you did what was best for you.

  • Focus only on what can be changed.

  • Change Yourself

  • Forgive yourself for hurting so long

  • Change the people around you.

  • Clear your baggage.

  • Acknowledge, accept and let go of your feelings.

  • Learn to forgive and move on.

  • Distance yourself for a while.

  • Reduce contact with him/her for as long as needed.

  • Set realistic boundaries.

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