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Whatever you Do, Don't Stress!

Life is not always fair, you of all people should know that by now, but you still stress out over crazy things that are said to you or done to you by those so called people you care about. Don't stress, clean house instead or limit your time around a few of them. Listen, if you are not being treated the way you want to be treated stay away. If you really want to send a strong message, limit your time and set boundaries. This will always stop the stress that you are feeling, while sending a strong message.

You've been taking it this long, why stop?

What do you have to gain by letting people stress you out? Nothing, you said it right the first time so get out of the way. Do things that make you feel good and less of it with individuals who don't or won't help you relax. If you have kids let them spend the weekend with family you trust, or let your partner care for them while you do you, I am just saying.

Right about now you are thinking of all of the folks you can add too your stress list, do that, write it down. Sometimes it helps to focus on the problem so that you can elimate it. While you are adding folks, make sure that you are not adding that stress to your family. If they are in the same house with you, hell write their names down on the stress list, you may want to deal less with them this week.

Give yourself a day out of the week, heck make it two days where you do for yourself and no one else. That means, leave the text alone, let the calls go unless it's an emergency, but let the phone ring. The only person you are in a hurry for now is yourself. watch a movie, light candles, take a walk or just rest, but whatever you do, don't stress.

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