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Crazy Love

Being in love can be wonderful, but if you are with someone who mistreats you, the feeling is not good. One minute they love you and the next, they are pushing you away which kind of makes you feel like you are going crazy. When you are together, it's perfect, but perfect never lasts for very long and you know why. It's not your fault that your relationship is not working out if you are doing everything in your power to make it work, check your partner.

Hide and Seek for Love.

You've been playing this game in your relationship for a while now, time to open your eyes and see what's really going on. You don't know unless you ask, right! You feel out of sorts from time to time and your partner is the blame or are they. Is this what you want for love? Sometimes you feel as if they don't get you and maybe you're right. The chemistry in other places is where it needs to be, but your love life with them is crazy. You can go from zero to a hundred in minutes and I do mean minutes where love is out the door and confusion rushes in to greet you. Below is a list of positive keys you should focus on.

  • Don't chase them, let them have their space.

  • Stand up for yourself when the relationship gets crazy.

  • Set boundaries when you are not feeling the relationship is heading in the right direction.

  • Don't play like you don't see what's going on.

  • Stop the push and pull. This can leave a heaviness on your relationship.

No one says you have to be perfect in order for your relationship to work. Just be human and know that in order for your relationship to grow it will take both of you wanting it to grow, simple and plain. At the end of the day you can say all the right things, but if your actions are not matching, you are wasting your time. Love is not always clear cut and for some it can be that crazy type of love. Aiding someone's addictions, where they dump on you one minute and love you the next, well you need to think about that. Don't turn crazy love into rescue love, just saying.

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