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Dating For Love

Love is not attracted to liars, cheaters and nasty attitudes so know what it is that you really want before you jump into the world of dating. Not everyone who says they are looking for that special person is looking for someone like you, so don't get caught up in all of the fun and glory of dating. Face it, you can't find what it is you are looking for if you really don't know what you want. Dating can be brutal and leave you heartbroken if you aren't cautious. This is why setting limits when dating someone is important early on if you don't want to end up lied to or cheated on. Some people aren't as serious and honest as you are when it comes to trusting so never let your guard down for the sake of feelings.

Can You Get What You Want Without the Games?

Getting what you want or who you want when it comes to dating is all up to you. How far someone goes with your heart is all on you and what you allow. You won't have a broken heart if you are not loving with your heart. You also, won't have all of the negative and hurtful relationship issues that many in the dating world have if you aren't dating blind. Be smart when it comes to who you allow in your life because you may not like them once you've invested your time. People will become whatever it is you are looking for once they know what you want, but is it real? Don't be simple minded when it comes to the matters of how you share your heart or love another being. The last words you want to hear out of anyone's mouth is, I'm sorry. You deserve to be loved and treated with respect, but do you demand it or not is the question? So think before you find yourself head over heals in love.

If you love with your heart, you will end up hurt and alone with trust issues, so take the time to really get to know someone before jumping all in. Know that it's easy to get into a relationship, but hard to get out of one especially if you have allowed yourself to look past negative behaivor to be in love. Don't date for the wrong reasons like being alone, look for someone that fits, gets and understands you. Trust me you will have a happier ending if you know as much as you can about the person you are dating. Leave love out of the process of dating, love is not what you are getting to know when you are dating, you are getting to know the person. Find out their likes and dislikes or the longest relationship they were in before meeting you. What is their lifestyle like? What type of people are they around when you are not with them? Where do they see themselves in five to ten years? How do they feel about commitment? Knowing the answers to those questions are crucial if you have found someone compatible for you or not. In the end take your time and know that you are looking to share your life with this person so it's very important that you get it right when dating for love.

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