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I Only Said Hello, Stop Over Thinking Things

You are only being polite with your social media friends, but many of them think you want something more.

I know I am not the only one who feels this way, but lately it's become a real darn headache to deal with. Why oh, why do some people assume you are looking for something more when you say hello to them on social media? I was having a talk with my girlfriend the other day and I must have almost hit the floor when she started yapping about the responses she gets when trying to get to know folks on her social media page. Was I hearing her right? "This happens to me all of the time," I told her. We are both very friendly people and being from the south only makes it worse. It seems the rest of the world is not friendly. "I swear, but sometimes my southern hospitality gets me in a world of trouble," I told her. At times I am not sure if I should say a word when people try and talk to me. I refuse to let anyone’s twisted way of thinking stop me from being the person I am today.

I must admit some folks are thirsty and on the hunt for whatever they can get from others on social media, but not everyone. If you find your being polite is being taken the wrong way from your social media friends, simply stop talking to them all together. This does not mean you need to go around blocking folks unless they give you a good reason to do so, but take caution and keep those who think more is coming because you said hello or wanted to get to know them because something about them was cool or you felt a connection of some sort at arms length. You don't need the drama and clearly they don't know the basics of communication.

Seriously people over thinking things too much can cause you to miss out on something real.

What's the sense of having social media if you aren't trying to socialize with folks? I know most people are looking for likes or more friends, but if you don't talk to people you may not keep them on your friends list for long. I’m like many people who are on social media trying to share business information, yet nothing I say is a secret. I am here to share my writing promote and advertise what it is I do no different than others on social media. I am not here to pretend I am something that I am not, or flash a hobby of things that I do in my spare time as a career or profession, nope I am the real deal if folks have me on their social media radar. I could not stay away from this topic since it seems to happen to other people I know. Saying hello or getting to know someone on social media is not always about getting into a relationship, cheating or worse tearing others down. I understand people use social media for many different things, like hooking up and so forth, but not everyone is seeking to jump in the sack, fall in love or mess up the God given relationship they have been blessed with. How fun is it to learn about someone else? Or be inspired by their life without the drama of them trying to challenge you or date you. I must admit this social media stuff has been an adjustment for me and many times you can't tell who’s real and who’s fake. Social media I have learned makes people and gives them a platform to be whoever they deem fit at the time to be. Yes, I have ran across many people who are everything on social media, but outside of social media they don't exist, I mean they have no presence for what they say they do. Folks like this, I know have something to prove or may take their hobby as a career path of some sort, but they are far from that. Saying hello should not be a hassle or make you feel uncomfortable, still I get it. Once more hearing people say to you, what are we doing? Where do we go from here? What’s next? What now? What do you want from us talking? These are questions that will stop me from talking to you quick, fast and in a hurry. If you pay attention when people talk too you they will let you know what their intentions are right away on social media. Having a humane way of dealing with folks on social media I see is not what’s good for one is good for them all, nope you have to set limits.

I’ve learned a lot by how people think, act and behave when it comes to social media. Some folks have a defensive attitude when they chat with you, while others want you and the horse you rode in on. Others challenge everything you are about as if you are here to oppose them. If you are dealing with other people’s actions or miss understandings of what you are doing, they are not in the best mental state for you to talk to them. Depending on what social media site you are on, it’s like being in a big room with the same people who watch you from a corner, stare at you from a distance or bump into you daily. At some point you will want to know whose all in the room with you. If you are fortunate to talk to that person over the phone or see them in person, don’t over think it. Human relationships are built through your connections with other individuals.

"Now I know why its best to say goodbye to some people instead of hello." by Johanna Sparrow

Its sad many people have been hurt or too affected by their life issues to see humanity still exists and want nothing more than to say, HELLO.

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