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Breakthrough Excerpt: The Door of Purpose and Destiny

God gave me the meaning, understanding and definition of Purpose and Destiny to share with humanity.

Then the LORD replied: "Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. Habakkuk 2:2

Breakthrough Excerpt:



When you access the Universal Consciousness Connection, you add power to your life that no one can remove or diminish. You’ll understand that you’re never alone and that the Universal God force is working through you at all times.

You have the freewill to choose whether to live in your purpose or not. No one can make that decision for you. If you choose not to, you may not feel complete or fulfilled. You may experience more unhappiness than otherwise. The reason many people are miserable is because they are either unaware of their purpose, or they’ve chosen not to do the work that’ll allow them to find their purpose. Many times, the only way the universal teachers can get your attention is by touching your soul through a traumatic experience. Over time, those experiences will improve your ability to merge spirituality with logical thinking. When you decide to walk through the door of purpose and destiny, you’ll be tested until you’re prepared to add to the greater good of the Universe.

Have you walked through that door? What have been your experiences since you’ve done so? It’ll take the power of the Source to overcome the situations you’re currently experiencing. Will and destiny work well together. If you have the will to live out your destiny and purpose, you’ll achieve whatever you want. When you were born, the door of purpose and destiny was opened for you and is available until death. It’s your choice when you decide to walk through that door and live a more peaceful and prosperous life.

Don’t allow time to slip away without you fulfilling your destiny. Neglecting your purpose can be torturous to the soul and cause hell on earth. Hell is a state of mind and when you refuse to do your part that’ll benefit the Universe, your soul will be tormented. And you’ll carry that vibration with you to the next life. Death won’t help you escape the fact that you ran away from destiny for this entire life. Moving toward your destiny is a major step in your spiritual growth process. Balancing your lower and higher natures will help you become the supreme version of yourself. Don’t let anyone convince you that you can’t break out of the current situation you’re in. Surround yourself with positive people who’ll provide constructive criticism and upliftment.

Giants tower over others mentally; not physically. Become a mental giant and achieve what you want out of life. Once you become aware of your purpose, you won’t have a desire to do anything else. Many people are living life based on what others want or expect out them, and they’re out of touch with their true abilities because they’ve refused to follow their heart. Live life in a way that brings you joy, fulfillment, and contentment. I can give you the road map to your destiny, but I can’t make you follow it. You must become aware of your purpose and consciously decide to follow that path.

Below is a list of ways you walk through the door of purpose and destiny:

  • Determine your short-term and long-term goals and desires for your life. Do things that make you happy. Your soul is naturally drawn to what you’re supposed to do in life, so follow what you enjoy doing.

  • Diminish fear. When you’re following your destiny, you’ll be taken care of at every turn.

  • Keep an open heart and mind. Every situation won’t turn out how you planned. Most of the time, things will turn out better than you imagined. Relax your need for complete control. Let go and let God.

  • Surround yourself with driven, goal-oriented, like-minded people. You become who you associate with.

You may experience many opportunities before you find what you’re meant to do. Every experience will make you more prepared for what you’re truly supposed to do. Your path may be a winding road before you find the path to your destiny, and that’s okay. No matter how difficult, every situation will benefit you somehow in the long-term. Eliminate fear and don’t be afraid of fresh ideas, new associates, and diverse beliefs. People, ideas, and beliefs that you may not currently be aware of can be catalysts to your spiritual development.


Pick up your copy of "Breakthrough." by Johanna Sparrow today.

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