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Composer Primous Fountain’s World Tour of a Lifetime

The first ever traveling symphony orchestra, 80 musicians and its composer, Primous, takes on the world!

Life doesn’t always show you something special, but when it does, look out. You’ll know it’s real when you hear it. It makes love to your soul in a way you’ve never experienced. It’s an anomaly—it stands out and takes over everyone it encounters. You want to hold and squeeze it, but you can’t get your arms around it. Your hands aren’t big enough to grasp such an encompassing sound. You can’t hold it is because it was created to get inside you, move you, alter your perspective, and change the way you hear music.

Something real will never offer you a pair of rose-colored glasses. Instead, it will offer you an experience of a lifetime, a moment where everything feels good to your soul. When was the last time you experienced this feeling? When was the last time something made you feel good from within? Most people never experience such greatness. Instead, they hang on to every ill and negative occurrence. But this one experience can change all that. And what if I told you that you could experience that greatness today? Would you want to? Could you open your mind to something outside of your normal comprehension? Just like medicine can do wonders for the body, musical experiences can do wonders for the soul.

When was the last time you stepped away from your favorite playlist or radio station and listened to something breathtaking? There’s a special feeling you get when listening to a symphony because you’re listening to a unique style of music. And you will get this special feeling when you listen to the world’s greatest symphony orchestra, led by its composer, Primous Fountain. Don’t let this moment pass you by. Be a part of something that’s out of this world, something eminent, brilliant, and masterful.

Primous has been composing since 1964. In 1967, he composed an orchestral piece called Manifestation, which was performed by the Chicago Symphony. But this was just the beginning. He later went on to have his compositions performed by the Boston Symphony and the New England Conservatory, under Gunther Schuller.

Quincy Jones has even called Primous Fountain a genius, and over the years, has marveled and praised Primous’s great work. Long before the world understood how gifted and talented Primous was, the legendary performer, arranger, and producer Quincy Jones, known as “Q” to family and friends, already had him on his radar. Jones wasted no time looking over the young composer’s manuscript when he was just a teen. Quincy saw raw talent and heard a unique sound when he encountered Primous and knew he was special. Primous was a young genius with a soul for music far beyond his years. From that moment, they developed a bond that couldn’t be broken. Jones became a patron, mentor, and friend to young Primous Fountain. Primous listened and learned from his mentor, and through his vision and Jones’s support, they worked together to present a sound that the world had never heard. Primous took his time writing his Second Symphony. It wasn’t completed overnight, but a few years later, it was ready. Quincy Jones commissioned Primous to compose this Symphony 2, giving the world extraordinary music by the greatest composer of all time.

Although Quincy Jones isn’t able to take on a sponsorship role this time around, he’s still very supportive of his good friend, composer Primous Fountain and his upcoming world tour.

“I met Primous when he was 16 years old back in the 70’s and took him out of the ghetto in Chicago. I always have and always will believe in him because of his talent and heart. I’ve found it rare to see a black composer as committed as he is, but he’s been that way all his life, and I have no doubt that he is the future!”

– Quincy Jones

Primous has worked with many other composers during his illustrious career, but the show isn’t over yet. He’s planning a world tour, and he can’t pull it off alone, which is why he’s in the process of reaching out to other talents such as Jay-Z, Whoopi Goldberg, Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, etc., in hopes that they will take a front row seat in sponsorship of the Primous Fountain World Tour. “Take this ride with me by becoming a sponsor. I’m confident that you won’t be disappointed in the least. Instead, your life will be inspired by helping the world experience something great.” Primous is seeking ongoing sponsorship for the world tour. While any amount of assistance is greatly appreciated, investors are welcomed also.

This World Tour is the first of its kind! When have you ever heard of a symphony orchestra traveling with one composer and 80 musicians? It’s never been done, until now thanks to Primous Fountain.

A short version of his Second Symphony was performed in the Ukraine. The full version of this symphony will be performed during the world tour.

This is bigger than anything you can imagine, yet intimate enough for you to enjoy a personal experience. How can something so special fail be displayed for the world? You may be asking, How can I see, hear, and feel this beautiful music? You can do so by becoming a sponsor of this once-in-a lifetime tour. And once you’re face-to-face with it, you’ll never be the same because it’s just that beautiful. It’s like being head-over-hills in love. And as some would say, “It’ll have your nose wide open.” That’s how it will feel to experience a live symphony orchestra tour with the greatest composer on earth. Don’t deprive yourself from experiencing such a significant and mind-blowing event.

Now, are you ready to invest in the world tour of a lifetime? Are you ready to be blown away? And are you ready to experience one of the greatest tours ever? If you’re anything like me, you’ll find it hard to stay in your seat while proclaiming Primous’s greatness to the rest of the world.

It’s time to get ready for Composer Primous Fountain’s World Tour of a Lifetime!!!

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