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Review: "Laura Patrice."

Laura Patrice is the only granddaughter to the very wealthy, powerful and influential Jacobs family but she has no idea because her mother Karen Jacobs passed away two months after she was born due to suspicious circumstances. Sent to have her baby to Mississippi, sixteen year old Karen Jacobs’ parents wanted nothing to do with her unwanted and timely pregnancy or the future of their grandchild, so James and Cheri Jacobs sent the unwed, teen mother to live with an old family friend until the child was born, but only Karen was welcome back home, Karen Jacobs. Once back home with her mother Cheri and stepfather James Jacobs in Houston, Karen ends up dead. With no knowledge of the baby, its sex or the old friend’s whereabouts, the Jacobs moves the family to Atlanta, Ga in the hopes that the child is not brought to them, so they cut off all contact with the old friend. Now the daughter of Karen Jacobs is turning thirty.

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