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Single for the Hoildays!

The hoilday's are coming on strong and guess what? Singles have a hard time around this time of year. Is it me or do more people break up before the hoildays hoping to find new love? In any case you will not find what you are looking for if you have commitment issues. What is it that you want from your relationship is the question many new singles should ask themselves? Look at it this way, you broke up and now you are alone for a reason, so make the best of it.

If all fails you have next year to get it right! For now your job is to put on a happy face, and look like you give a damn while everyone else really does! You do this to yourself every year and get the same results, wake up dating is hard enough without you sabotaging things!

Right now I know you are feeling, sad and out of sorts but you may have done it too yourself. If you still have time to go back and repair your old relationship, don't walk, run!!!

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