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Take Off The Blinders Black Folks!

Let's get one thing straight, we have too much to do in our communities and families, and not enough time to do it. Something has caught our attention and changed our focus. Listen, every negative and tramtic event that's happening in and around the world should not make you forget about building in the black community. We must not forget what has happened in the last few years, and recently in America on black life! It is truly unfortunate what is going on right now in Paris, Nigeria, Kenya and now Mali. Yet, black life here in the United States is still under fire and the threat is no doubt real. Don't get side tracked by the media, don't slow down or worst, lose focus to the fight before it. Our young men and women are still being slaughtered in large numbers throughout the United States, by their own hands and at the hands of law enforcement.

How can we minmize the loss of life this coming Hoilday Season? We do so by not being fooled into thinking that the heat is off of our backs, it's not, infact it's hotter than ever! Listen, we are still being hunted down, slammed to the ground and shot down for minor offenses. Do you see what I see? Keep your focus on what you planned on doing before the news media hit you with the ISIS attacks. This propaganda is to stop you from thinking and doing whatever you planned on doing before it flashed acrossed your television screen. I know you were ready to jump start the building of your people, and now you are looking after the world and it's views on what it deems important. What a distraction, and I must say it's a pretty damn good one. Does it mean that it's not real? For me it means that I am to stop whatever it was that held my attention, or took over my thoughts by redirecting my views , and actions somewhere else and against what I planned on doing, sort of like musical chairs!

This is not to make light of what is going on around the world by any means, but we can only change what is going on where we stand. So I must not forget the fight I promised myself, that I will help my black comminuties, black owned business, educating the youth how to love themselves, and invest in each other. Listen, we still live in a world believe it or not where the color of ones skin dictates if you live or die along with your beliefs. I am tired of putting our people in the ground at a young age!

We all know that we are in a hateful world nonetheless, lets not get distracted by the media. We can still pray for the rest of the world while we seek change in our communities by starting with our encomic state. I am up for the building of our communites, treating our children with love while helping them to succeed in this world. I've listened to my grandparents talk about that 40 acres and a mule for far to long, I am ready to go get it. How is it done, we must first start by showing each other support in business. This is not about ruling anyone but yourself by building together, inventing and creating a system where we can survive. We have the power to make companies outside of ourselves rich, we have yet to do it for each other! We have alot to do and no time for distractions. What is going on is not going to stop, and what is happening in the black community is only going to get worse if we don't band together and do something about it!

Were you just looking at the beautiful cat, bag of money or colorful lights?

Distraction at it's best. Now back to what I was saying. we have too much to work on and not enough time to get it done if we are stopped in our tracks for every negative and tramtic event thats happening in and around the world. Now you see easliy how distractions are meant to take you somewhere else unless you have power over what you want done and why. What are you doing to spark change in your community? Let's not forget all of our sons and daughters who have already lost their life and the battle to be heard due to injustice still cry out for us to do something! You can still pray for others while working on your own family, community and people. Lets not be navie in our thinking to what the world wants to entertain us with. Learn how to multi-task in your thoughts, actions and behaviors, that way you can watch what's going on without being distracted from what you really should be doing, and thats building with your people. No one is coming into our neighborhoods to help us become independent and supportive of each other, it's just not going happen! Not until we do for each other point blank! With the amount of money we spend a year, we should be owning more businesses and building more schools. We should have crisis centers, hospitals and research labs throughout the world. Use your dollars as you power to start building within your own communities, only then will you find your 40 acres and a mule. I wish for peace throughout the world, but I know that you can't have love without hate and peace without war that is how life is balanced unfortuniately, and if you are still waiting for something different to happen good luck! For now I work, pray and seek for the lives of my brothers and sisters to wake the heck up!

I Pray for my family, my people, my comminuity and for the rest of the world!

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