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Cutting Off Jealous People!

Once more you have something wonderful, just your bestie does not think so. Not to mention they have yet to comment, leaving you wondering what the heck is going on. Okay, they have had their fair share of up's and downs these last few months, but you would have thought they would have been screaming at the top of their lungs for joy, for you. Their not, you can see it in their eyes and hear it slightly in their voice, they are not one of your supports. Look at it this way, life gives you everything you need, I am sure you thought they were part of that support team, they're not and it's best that you see it now.

Everything you say about your new and wonderful business is shot down, they seem to have heard better or experienced better, but who are they kidding. They are jealous and it's written all over their face. They thought very little of you, and now that you are proving yourself and your talents they seem to run in the opposite direction. Hell, let them go, you don't need a jealous traitor in your inner circle. If you were any type of friend to them, they would realize it's way too late.

Stop keeping, fake, phony, hating and jealous people around, they will only slow you down. Worse they are always trying to tell you about your job or what it is that you are doing wrong. I mean they just have all the damn answers now all of a sudden don't they? Know you are competition and may have been in competition since the day this person became your friend. You have set aside their nasty and loud ways, accepting them for who they are, now name dropping of a few friends they only know who does it better is their way of showing who they would rather support. Girl, cut that zero out of your life.

They would be the main ones when you are large and in charge saying how they were down with you from day one. They will talk behind your back and smile in your face later on. They are not looking to support your business, but to get a free ride while tearing it down. Your inner circle of friends should be trust worthy, loyal and respectful of all that you do not to mention supportive, if they don't have any of those qualities, keep moving. At the end of the day, you are looking to succeed therefore the only people in your corner should be looking to do the same, anyone else no matter how long you've been knowing them are natural born haters!

Shake it off and get yourself together, no time for foolish people in your life. You're doing big things and making a difference if they don't have their stuff together, that's not your fault, you are not competing with them, only yourself, don't let jealous people change your focus. Know that It's your time, your year to be the boss!


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