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She's a Damn Good Woman!

Love does not happen for every woman who looks for it. Once more I found that the sweetest and most forgiving women seem to endure a lot more in relationships than one that is full of fun and games. Why is it that everytime a good woman gives her heart , it's crushed by an insensitive guy? Why is she forever trying to make it work like all the problems in the relationship are her fault? Love can be bitter upon the lips if you're not careful, or too damn quick to give your heart away.

Sure your man has shown you some pretty damn good times, but at what cost did you have to pay? And that bouquet of flowers is based on what mistakes he's made and needs your forgivness for today! Whats funny is that anyone else who crosses you the wrong way, they're cut off by you with no problems, but you seem to have a weakness for the wrong type of man. You're strong, confident, beautiful, graceful, lovely and just as adorable as any woman could ever be, not to forget sexy as hell, just your man sees it when he wants to see it.

Now you are getting tired feel you have taken enough, still you hold down the relationship taking blow after blow to your heart by a man who does not understand your nature. You're a force to be reckoned with and many good men see that in you, but you are not looking for any good man. You've found the man you want, you have invested your heart and soul and somehow you are making it work without their help. All you want is honesty, love and respect. Is that too hard for him to give? She's not asking for anything that you aren't asking for, yet you play with her emotions and feelings, you are running out of time and I don't even think you realize what's happening inside of her.

You have learned to live with the crumbs they drop at you feet in the name of love. You have learned to ignore their lack of attention, love, respect and trust. You have even learned how to weaken yourself to give them more control over seeing you. Is that working for you? I mean has it changed their view of how they see they are avoiding you? Have they come to you wanting to love you more, trust you more and respect you more are or you just too damn good for them to see your worth. Stop praying for someone to stay in your life who does not respect you or see your worth.

When you stop giving up your soul to a damaged relationship, this is when you will see that your time for not being loved, respected, trusted and appricated was not cool. Good women are hard to find because many of them are in damaged relationships with men who take advantage of their good nature and deep love.

Not to mention a good woman is loyal and will stand by your side to the very end even if you won't stand by hers, but when she's gone, she gone! Many who have had the opportunity to to love a good woman know this far too often, that a good woman once she makes her mind up to leave is not coming back no matter how hard he tries. If you are a man who is not appreciating his woman, wake up or someone else will once she leaves you forever! When the love is gone she will have nothing else to say to you, but goodbye!

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