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Learn How To Forgive!

Life does not always issue postive experiences. Whatever you may be going through in your life, it is not over. There is still so much for you to do and so many who can learn from your lessons even if they were not all postive. We are all put on this planet for a reason and hate should be the last thing we hold in our heart for anyone. Whatever you have not let go, learn to forgive and in place of your hurt and pain, love more.

Everyone is judging each other on all levels of life, why can't we just love each other on all levels of life? You may be hurt over an event that you had or may not have had any control over. If you don't know how to forgive now is the time to start. No matter what has happened in your life or who was responsible for it, the greatest gift you can give to another human being is love and forgiveness!

Learn not to see color

Learn not to see fault

Learn not to see judgmental

The world is dying unless we pull together and put all diffrences aside. I cannot live without you and you without me. Just think what type of world it would be if you weren't in it? You may not look like me, talk like me or dress like me and that's okay because you have learned to love me and I have learned love you. Please share this post around so that we generate more energy of love in midst of this hateful and judgmental world.

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