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Twin Flames!

Love is a beautiful thing if you ever have the chance to experience or allow yourself to experience it. Finding that person that not only understands you, but knows what you are thinking and your every process of existing is amazing. You feel them with you and that feeling cannot be explained to those who have not experienced love. Giving yourself to someone not only opens you up to experience them physically and mentally, but spiritually which takes your love to a whole different level.

Twin flames love is based on your inner connection and soul ties to that other person, they are you and you are them. Everything you do with them is heightened to another level. You will know when you have met that twin flame in your life because nothing else will matter but them. To betray them is to betray yourself, for your life is wrapped in their love and your love is wrapped in their soul!

The elements of loving with your soul is giving yourself without fear while expecting nothing other than that persons soul, breath, life, love, you become their senses and they yours. Your hurt becomes their hurt and your death the end of them, no other could replace your everything. Twin flames love to death and are very protective of each other, although some who don't understand this strong and overwhelming feeling and experience if not careful, can damage the innocence of their love. Twin love flames are very forgiving of each other which makes them very loyal in the same sense. If you are in a relationship that seems to take your breath away daily while filling up your heart and soul with a never ending desire of burning love for the other person, you have a twin flame. Never let it die out or get caught up in what the world wants you to feel, for love is rare and twin flames is far from a fairytale.

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