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Workplace Bullying. How to Overcome It!

You love your job, but not so much the people who work there. Not to mention your manager power trips and you somehow end up being the one he/she does not like. You have grown tired of the manager's pet employees always in your face, Your work envioriment is looking and feeling more like high school, and from where you are standing you hit the nail on the head. Why do you get stuck with doing most of the work while other people sit back like it's Friday? This happens to you because you have a work ethic and know your job. The last thing you are looking for is a free ride, promtion takes hard work and you are the top pefromer on your team, but whose paying attention, not the manager that's for sure.

How do you stop hating your job, or worse wanting to knock someone on their backside if they tell you one more thing? Breath, you've been here before more than you like and the more you allow these people on your job to get to you, the less happier you will be. Not everyone is cut out to be a manager and that may be the case for you. If you want to get through the day in peace, hold your back your tongue, if not it will make your time and experience horrific. Some managers are out to control and have no problems making others feel bad once they have been given the power. Don't let anyone run you off your job or make you look bad. If you find that the job is causing you more stress than you really need in your life, think about applying for another position or working for a new company. Less is more and your job is to work and go home, nothing more. If you find that a manager or co-worker just won't leave you alone, keep a paper trail of everything they do through emails. If you have questions ask via email, all the more when you have a manager or co-worker whose out to get you fired.

I have heard of managers saying one thing to a co-worker and when they did it, it was wrong and that co-worker got in trouble, not the manager because the co-worker could not prove that their manager was behind the incorrect information. No matter what is told to you by your manager or a nasty co-worker follow up with them through email, you never know when you will need those emails for proof that your manager is trying to get you fired or that jealous co-worker.

Never meet with a co-worker who you may think does not like you alone. Never meet with a manager who you may think is out to get you alone.

Always have a non-bias third party available when or if you have to talk to your manager, it's your right.

Never let anyone bully you on the job.

Never let anyone talk down to you or at you on the job. If you can't go to your manager because your beef is with them or the manager's bestie, take your fight to HR but have a record with dates as well as emails of the problems you have been having with those parties involved. Be prepared to leave if your company won't resolve the work conflict.

Always be professional no matter what happens, remember you have a paper trail of emails of miss understandings and incorrect information given to you by someone.

If all else fails, you have something to take to your Human Resources department so that you are not alone, let that be your last resort after your manager and the department head. You should not have to work in a hostile work envirorment.

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To learn more about bullying pick up a copy of, " Don't Tell the Milkman If you Don't want Hime to Tell the World, " by Johanna Sparrow today!

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