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How To Tell She's After Your Man!

Now I know there are a lot of thirsty women out on the prowl, but you are not looking to share your man, right! Why do thirsty women see your man as always being good? Why is she always in his face? Yeah, you know your man is nice and you can spot a whore after your man, but she's your friend. I mean, you thought she was, until that little show she put on the other night in front of your man made you think otherwise.

What was she thinking, how could she act like that when you two have been friends for so long? Girl, a thirsty woman is just that, thirsty and your man is all the drink she will ever need. You should have seen the signs a long time ago, but you are not the jealous type. Some women have to make you put your foot down, even when your man is on his best behavior.

They go looking for trouble, or to test the waters of your relationship. If anyone is jealous, its them! They have seen how well you two are together and it just kills them because their man is a loser! They've hinted to you about a million times how sweet, loving and caring your man is too you, and how they wish so and so was like that. Some women just make you push them away, they cross that line and then want you to defend them, as if your man was interested in them, child please. Once more you are the last person on earth to put your man on a short leash, you are not an insecure woman nor are you jealous, but some women in your inner circle seem to think otherwise or feel as if they can challenge your position.

Your man has eyes in his head just like you, you know when he is not being respectful just like you also know that so called friend is thirsty for attention and any man would do, including your own. Take it from me, women like this are too emotionally messed up to have around a healthy relationship. If the jealousy of what you have doesn't get to them first I am sure the love and respect your man shows you will, and they would love no more than to prove you wrong. They would love no more then to tell you that your man is just like ever other man out there, including their no good for nothing man. Stop hanging around or inviting angry women to your events thinking they will learn to appreciate you and your relationship when they don't even appreciate themselves.

If they insist on being around your relationship all the damn time, cut that off and send them on their way. You are in a one woman one man relationship and they are not. If you are not careful this type of person will have you at your man's throat, cut it off.

They seem to be having more fun with your man than you, stop that! Once more they use your confidence against you, know that your relationship is not anyone's playground and you have long outgrown the jungle gym, point blank!


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