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The Infamous Black Sheep of The Family

When you hear the words, black sheep what comes to mind? I take it you have a few black sheep in your family as well, or are you the black sheep everyone seems to be talking about at family gatherings. Some folks love to change the rules by painting others in a bad light in the family. Family tends to dismiss the black sheep in the family, while other relatives talk about them behind their back as if they don't exist. You probably standout like a sore thumb if you are the black sheep of the family! You also take everything to heart that is said to you, get a backbone, life is not always fair, hasn't your family taught you that by making you the black sheep of the family!

Talk about knowing one's business!

As the famous black sheep of the family, lets just say everyone knows who you do and don't get along with in the family. Those relatives who don 't care for you have no problem shying away from making you feel like an outcast everytime you are around. I've learned anyone can become the black sheep of the family at anytime in life, it's all up to those who are in charge. You know those members in the family everyone wants to associate themselves with as if what they say is God's word. You are looked upon as a plague and no one in the family wants to be around you for fear of getting kicked out of the circle.

You're the black sheep of the family, so own it!

Being the black sheep of the family for many does not feel good. The black sheep of the family definitely has it's benefits, but it's all in how you look at it. For instance, not getting an invite to a family gathering where you dislike many of the people in attendence, well that's a benefit. I take it not everyone likes being disliked or ignored in their family. It does not matter if you are sucessful, a deadbeat, a person that drinks a little too much at social gatherings or the quiet one, you are the black sheep, now get over it! Stop falling apart because you weren't invited to an event, look at it as a blessing in diguise!

You can't go around living your life by jumping in and out of boxes set aside because of someone else's perspective of who you are or who you should be. No, I would rather be the black sheep in the family any given day, instead of trying to fit in with a group of overly eager family members who haven't gotten their life together sitting around gossiping about everything.

When you learn to not give a damn about how others see you is when you will embrace being the black sheep of the family. When all is said and done, no one is looking to bring you in their circle and life is good. Less is more when it comes to who you keep in your company, family or how family sees you should be no exception! There is nothing wrong with painting a few members in your family with that black sheep brush they so easily paint you with, if that is what it takes to show whose in control of what! If it makes you feel better, know that there is always one in every family, luckily it's you!

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