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Are They Cheating?

You say that you have been cheated on once again, yet you find a way to work things out for the hundredth time, but you are tired and feel as if you are aging with each passing day. Is it stress, fear or are you waiting for another apology for the same sin? It's going to happen again and you know this, seems you let things go too far and your forgivness has become a doormat for your partner to wipe their feet on. One more chance, you've heard this before, right! What is it about you that makes him/her want to cheat on you? Do you know? Let's just say, you are easy to love, easy to trust, easy to forgive and also easy to cheat on!

Yes being easy to cheat on for cheaters is top priority if you haven't noticed, especailly if they have commitment issues.

A cheater is a cheater no mater what, but if they are willing to stop stepping out on their relationship, they just may have a chance to make this thing work, but don't hold your breath if you have been dealing with this for over a year. What number is it anyways? Are they sleeping around with everyone? Are they talking to people behind your back? Are they seeing an emotional connection instead of a physical one? No one needs to tell you how it feels to be betrayed, all cheating hurts. Once more you have vowed to leave this person and your threats are like blanks in a pop gun or should I say, have fallen on deaf ears.

If I was famous this would not be happening to me!

If you are thinking this way, I am going to need you to wake up right about now, cheating is about control and so many other things. The fact that you think if you had something more or different, you would not have been cheated on, you are so wrong. Once more you are placing blame on yourself for your partner's behavior, stop that! If you must face something, it's that you are with a cheater who does not care or give a damn about your feelings or the state of the relationship, point blank!

What are you going to do about it is what you need to ask yourself?

I get it, you are emotionally tied to this person and your love for them has not changed, you just want to be loved and treated with respect. You are the one that has to live in this relationship and if you can't see yourself deserving better, why should your partner! I am not going to pretend this is going to work itself out, it will take two people to make that happen and one of you is not talking about it! Feeling cheated on can send a ton of feelings rushing your way.







This list can go on and on not to mention the emotional rollercoaster your mind takes you on. Pull yourself together and focus on what you want out of this relationship. If you are only looking to say you have someone one in your life without a the full commitment, surprise you've got it! I know you aren't wasting your time with someone just for the title of not being single. When you love someone, trust and honesty is a part of the package. It seems you may not have made things clear or your partner just does not care.

Now is the time to start looking at your relationship for what it is, broken. You've done everything in your power to make it work, no one should be cheated on. If you are not happy, leave it's as simple as that! Don't get stuck in a cycling loop of forgiveness because you want this thing too work more so than your partner. You deserve so much more than what you are getting, but I am only on the outside looking in, you have too see that for yourself!

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