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Tired OF Being Alone

You still can feel the last kiss on your lips, but that was some time ago and while it felt right everything about that relationship you were ready to jump into was WRONG. Damn why does it seem as if everyone has love, even that co-worker who looks so wrong on every level, has love. Still I am looking for Mr. Right trust me I have had that talk with myself. Is it a shortage of men especially when I refuse to date out of my race? Maybe it’s me, I am looking for too much instead giving a brother a chance.

What is wrong with me, whatever is lacking I know we can build it together, but I act silly I mean one minute I am a woman and the next, damn I am a teenager nothing cute at all. Love is for grown folks and if you are not ready to handle it, it will eliminate you, case closed. If I am going to attract love my way I must be a woman about it and know that whatever young man crosses my path, love is looking for there to be unity and trust in building the unthinkable. I guess if I look at the law of attraction that way, the idea of being alone will be a faded, distant memory,

I am ready to stop complaining.

I am ready to love with my heart and not what someone can do for me.

I am ready to put in the law of attraction.

I am ready to work on me while helping my partner.

Once you ask for the law of attraction to show up at your door, don't be surprised what it brings you!

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