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Are There Bullies in Your Family?

Everyone has that one person in the family that loves to keep drama going. No matter how hard you try to look the other way, they are loud and full of confusion. Family events are never the same when they are around. They can take an event that is full of love and turn it into chaos over the course of minutes if not seconds. Bullies in the family are very unhappy people who look to make the lives of others the same way. Maybe that new position that you just got has turned the bully in your family upside down and now they are looking to cause confusion with the rest of the family. If one thing is clear, it's that all bullies share the same in which jealousy is at the core of why they act or do what they do to others. Spending time with family may have to take the back seat if you have a bully in the family, just saying.

You are looking for peace and a lovely time with family you have not seen in months, if not years. The word is out and the family member that causes the most trouble has made their way to your event, this is not the time to act a fool. Know that if you are going to have alcohol at the event that it can be a game changer for that bully in the family if you haven't thought about it. Try to invite a few people if you can and make sure to have the event in a public place that way if drama happens you can grab your coat and leave. Whatever issues the bully in the family has with others, know that a family event is not the place to find out why they feel the way they do. If you really want to be of help, set something up with other family members to hear this person out. In any case never try to confront a bully on your own since many bullies love taking control and over talking others.

A bully can take a nice event from comfort to chaos in the matter of seconds, don't let that be your event. Set limits to what you allow to take place at your event. Know that you will not win over the family bully if they have issues with you and your sucess. The best way to deal with someone like this is to allow them to come to you when they are ready. Jealousy is probably the core of why they feel the way they do about you. Sorry about your success is not going to smooth things over the way you want it to. Never allow yourself to be talked down to or be abused. Not all bullies like to argue some love to fight or put you in a position of failure since that is how they see themselves in comparsion to your life. Don’t get stuck trying to please people who don't care about you and would go out of their way to hurt you and your family. Staying away or limiting the things you do will save you the heartache later on. Some family members you have to love from a distance and let them go no matter how much it may hurt you, but know that you are no one's punching bag.

Anyone can become a bully and for any reason. Do what you can to be positive in whatever position you find yourself in and never take that out on other people. Bullies are very unhappy and jealous people, you can't change that, they have to look deep in side of their soul to fix what's gone wrong.

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