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4 Things Most Men Won't Be Honest About When It Comes To Dating.

When it comes to dating, not every man is in a relationship for love, but you already knew that.

What you did not know is that most men date for the wrong reasons which does not end well for the person they are going out with. No matter how understanding and sweet they are, some men will never give you their heart and it has nothing to do with you.

Dating in this day in age with social media leading the way is causing more and more women to hate the dating process. You get all the head games and heartfelt words, but some men are not looking to keep you in their life for long. In with the new and out with the old, yes you are recycled out of their life when you begin to feel more for the relationship then they do. Below is a list of the four things men won't be honest with you about when it comes to dating.

  • They have commitment issues

  • They hate dating one person

  • They have an active page on many dating sites

  • They are not looking to fall in love

Can they commit to you?

No, not if they are constantly looking to meet new people. Sure their profile says looking to be in a committed relationship that is just to sucker you in and many women fall for it every time.

How can I be sure I am the only one they are dating?

Besides asking if they are seeing other people on the side you won't know what's going on when you aren't around. Timing is everything meaning you happened upon them out with someone else when they told you they were going to bed. Men like this know you are gullible and want to be in a relationship at all cost because you give them what they want easily.

What if they have an active dating profile?

Yes, you may have had a gut feeling and went online to a dating site to see if they were still active and they were. Don't expect them to tell you the truth about the active profile. Let me make it easy, they just forgot to take it down since meeting you. This is most likely what you will hear. Pull yourself together and know that he may be seeing someone else besides you especially if you both met on such a site. You may be setting yourself up for heartbreak if you keep believing everything they say.

Can true love make your relationship strong?

Of course it can, but you are not experiencing true love. You've fallen for a cheap imitation for something that you feel is real to woo you into a relationship. Men like this will tell you what you want to hear until they are tired of being in a relationship with you. Losing you is no big deal, they will just find another to take your place that's how easy it is.

Don't become blinded by wanting to be in a relationship so much that you forget why you are dating. Setting rules when it comes to dating is better than being blinded by love. When dating blindly you may end up being the only one in love. Know what you want and what you expect from the other person. Too many signals of them not being true or committed means you must cut your losses and move on since nine times out of ten you may be getting played out of your heart.

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