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Love's Highs and Lows

Loves not always fair. You battle its highs and lows from day to day. Should you stay and fight or walk away?

You can't have the love you desire unless you know what you want and how to get it.

Is the relationship worth your time and patience?

Love seems to offer three basic ingredients in order for you to stay around, understanding, patience and companionship. You have never thought of being by yourself and now you feel like your relationship or your partner is not doing it for you like they once did. maybe it's you, you've grown tired of the same old routine and seek for change. But before you toss out your partner, maybe you need to take a look at yourself and your desire for love in your relationship. You can't keep questioning your partner as if he or she is the problem of why you aren't happy or is burning out from the highs and lows of your passionate and loving relationship. Could it be more that's going on and you are just mentally burnt out with the thought of it? Are you giving more of yourself in this relationship while your partner goes in and out at will? Have you had the big talk about the next steps in your relationship or are you waiting for the right moment? News flash you have to go after what you want and lying around in a dried out and dying relationship is not going to answer those questions you have inside unless you communicate them to your partner.

You may feel like you've been taken advantage of in your relationship which is nothing new, it all depends on what side you are on. Don't kid yourself about the three signs of love since you may be fighting your feelings and those underlying issues at the same time with a dismissive partner. You will experience the highs and lows in your relationship, but the key is to workout as many of your issues as you can. The more problems you allow to pile up around you the tougher things will be when you are trying to make sense of your own feelings.

Are you expecting to have a fairytale relationship?

Don't kid yourself, being in a relationship is not always roses and you may find yourself pushing the wrong person away instead of working through your problems. Loving someone is not always easy and you give more at times in the relationship than the other person which is why you feel the way you do at this moment. Does your partner love you? Is the relationship worth saying in? Should you cut your losses and find someone new? No, one can answer these questions but you and this is where your honesty is needed or you will walk away feeling as if you made the biggest mistake of your life. Below is a list of the lows that make want to walk away from your relationship.

  • A dismissive attitude

  • Trust Issues

  • A lack of communication

Face it your relationship has seen its share of ups and downs and that dismissive attitude has not helped you resolved any of the problems you face. And now trusting your partner seems to be the focus yet you try to show them otherwise. Communication is the key to anything if you haven't noticed. If you can't speak honestly to your partner about the state of your relationship, you can expect things to get worse. Keeping secrets is never wise when you are building trust in your relationship. The more things you work on in your relationship that keep your relationship from being in a healthy state the stronger your relationship will be in the future.

Maybe it's time to walk away

You've done everything you felt you could to save your relationship, but it's not working. If you are expecting your partner to make changes and not yourself here lays the problem. Don't expect to make the entire request and your partner make all the changes. Understand that they may be things your partner is unwilling to tell you that can improve your relationship, but feels as if you don't listen. Never expect to have all the answers if you are not the one being asked to make changes. It's your job to seek change in order for your relationship to grow even if that means you may have to make a few changes yourself. No one wants to live their life with someone who makes them unhappy daily. If your sex life is suffering, it's time to make some changes in the bedroom. If you find that you are not spending enough time doing things that make you smile, it's time to get up and plan dates with each other. Keeping your relationship fresh and fun is the only way to avoid many of the relationship pitfalls that plague couples daily.

To learn more about healing your relationship and avoiding those nasty pitfalls pick up Johanna Sparrow’s, “The Seven Sins of Love," coming September 27th 2016 on Amazon, Smashwords, Barns & Noble and others.

Love's Highs and Lows

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