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Don't Rush Love

You Should Never Be The Only One In Love!

You've been dating someone for a few months now and things could not be more perfect. Is it you or are you feeling the love bug tugging on your heart? Don't get caught up in the emotion of the moment when you have yet to utter those words to the one you feel so inspired by. You may be the only one feeling this way. Remember fools rush in and get nothing in return!

They should know how I feel, Right?

Wrong, if you have not defined your relationship or where you stand they don't know what it is, you are feeling or why. Let's try to communicate a little better shall we. Dating does not mean you will fall in love where on earth did you get that way of thinking? Not everyone falls in love the same way or wants to be in love. First things first, are you really dating exclusively or are you just another Jane/John Doe who they see as someone to have a good time with? Let's not put all of our eggs in one basket because you can't seem to get past how well the two of you fit. Knowing where you stand is crucial to not allowing yourself to not be looked at as a fool.

We Have Good Sex!

So what, good sex is not the hallmark of falling in love. Wake the hell up and stop giving so much of yourself away for little to nothing in return. Here's my advice, know where you stand before falling in love with the idea of loving someone who may not feel the same way. Be prepared to be the only one feeling the love bug since many people find they fall in love for many reasons. Sex may be what connects you to the other person, or the amount of fun you two have when you are together. But is the person on the same page as you? Connections are the building blocks to a deeper connection that may not lead you down the road to love and ever after. Not everyone is looking for a serious relationship. You have to hear what the other person is saying and not just follow a feeling. Many times knowing when and when not to fall in love has more to do with what is being communicated to you versus the connections. If love is meant to happen it will and you won't have to rush it along. The other person will be feeling the same as you.

Take Your Time

Maybe you feel time is running out and you have yet to find love. Knowing what is best for you should be your focus and not only falling in love. All the best advice in the world is not going to teach you how to make someone love you who don’t want love. Establish yourself first and set limits on what you want in your life. Don't run off trying to love everything that jumps into your lap. If love is for you, it will happen. Here's my advice, stop looking, sounding and acting desperate for love, or as they say thirsty. Acting this way will bring you more pain and hurt than you want to experience. Take your time and connect with the person. Make sure they are looking for the same things you are looking for, i.e. a relationship that leads to love or marriage and if they are not, RUN! There is no specific time to find this out if you are feeling the connection it's time to find out if that connection and those feelings are worth it!

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