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When Love is Over, Your Heart Struggles to Let Go

You should never be the only one in love.

When you love someone and that love is not returned, you are left with pain. The truth is, people walk away from love every day for no reason at all. Was it a game? Did you really love this person and they not love you? You deserved so much more than an aching heart. You gave your heart to this person, and they accepted all you had, but they gave nothing in return and you were too blind to see the truth, they were never going to love you. The relationship is torn and you must find a reason to move on while letting go of what you had or what could have been.

Will I ever get over it?

Know that you were not meant to love this person, but you will get over it once you know you deserve so much more. Your ex will not feel the aches and pains you feel until you let go. Stop thinking about him or her and sending that energy their way. Sometimes we fall in love with the idea of love at its best. When you experience a broken heart, you wake up only to find your love is dying and your heart aching like never before, it’s hell I know. You will have a mixture of emotions that will have you in and out of your feelings for a while. You will get over it in time and so will the tears that fall from your face. Know that pain does fade away in time, so keep them out of your life once you’ve gotten back your strength.

Will they come back?

Now that you are moving on in your life, you will still struggle with an aching heart from time to time. Remember who had the broken heart and how that felt. If that person did not love you then, what makes you think they will love you now? Take your love away from anyone who isn’t ready to love you in return. Face it, the love you had for this person died and you may have been the only one in love. Get it in your head this person only cares about themselves and having a good time. Everyone deserves love, but you have to know what type of love you deserve to attract it. If you are not the type of person who likes to argue, but talk you need to look for someone who has no problem telling you what’s on their mind or how they truly feel.

Below is a list of what your focus should be.

  • Loving yourself

  • Forgive yourself for loving someone who could not give you the love you needed.

  • Trust yourself and allow your heart to heal

  • Know that a person who will play with your heart will never give you what you want in return.

  • Don't let them back in your life since you know hurt is all they can offer you.

Life is a lesson in itself where you experience hurt and pain, but this is not to keep down. These experiences can only make you stronger as a person, but you have to see it. Understanding your mistakes when it comes to love and why you are where you are today in life is the first stage of letting go of past mistakes. Remember tomorrow promises you the pain will fade away!

Now that you know that they were not willing to love you the way you deserved to be loved move on. Let go of your aching heart and learn to trust again. Be willing to see folks for who they are and not see what you want to see. Stop giving yourself away for nothing in return; you simply can't make someone love you and you also can’t make them treat you with respect. You deserved so much more, but you must know that.

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