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I Just Love You

Love is more than pleasure; it's a soul sacrifice.... ..

Being in love is like smelling your favorite fragrance every minute of every second of the day. For some it's like a sunny day with a cool breeze that never seems to end. Love is such a beautiful experience that one should cherish it if they have it. You speak a language few understand and you are fine with being in your own world. Love is the perfect storm lovers find themselves in daily. For some it's hard to understand how one can love another human being so much. But if you are in love, like I am, you get it and you float through those moments in your relationship endlessly without a care or worry.

You get such a wonderful feeling every time you are with that special person you love. You find by giving yourself to them you gain so much understand of the art of unconditional love and yourself. And by surrendering your soul and your heart you two become one. You've learned that it's not possible to give a little of yourself and expect to feel all the sparks and fireworks one does when they are truly in love.

When you are in love, you just can't get enough of them and you find yourself craving them throughout the day. Is it in your mind? Do you feel this strong about someone? The answer is that you are truly in love and should never shy away from your feelings. Your heart is open and your partner can feel every bit of you as you with them. Have you given up your soul yet? Are you finding that everything your partner does makes you love them more? You long for time with them and when you are together, it's the best thing ever; you are ready to give them whatever they desire.

Below is how love takes over your life.

  • Life does not feel right without them in it.

  • You can't see yourself with anyone else.

  • And loving them feels so damn good.

  • You can't see anyone else but them.

  • Your heart is full

  • You think about them all the time.

  • You crave them day and night.

  • Nothing else matters in the world but loving them.

  • Eating and sleeping does not happen since they are always on your mind.

You just can't get enough of them and that's what makes loving them special, like nothing you will ever experience again. If love is what you want, you have to be willing to give yourself without fear or the need to control what's going on. For them you would do anything and everything to show your love. You heart is no longer yours, but theirs. There are no words to say how you feel when you are with them. Your heart overflows for them and you share yourself without needing anything in return. You know they are your everything and you breathe them.

Your love belongs to them and only them and you give it willingly. It's taken over you and you can't let go because you are deep in love. It's as if you are losing your mind and the feeling for some is so unreal. These emotions are just the beginning of love. You find yourself trembling in their arms because you are connected. You see yourself loving them for the rest of your life and this is where life begins. Never let that feeling go and always love your partner with heart and soul. If you did not understand the meaning of love, you do now!

If you have not found the love you are looking for, don’t give up, instead give it one more try.

If you did not understand the meaning of love, you do now!


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