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You Can’t Have Every Man You See

A woman who wants everyman she sees will always end up alone. Instead of wanting every man you see, think about finding someone who is made up of all the things you want. What you are really looking for is to satisfy your longing of being alone and not having anyone in your life. You want a partner to do things with and not just a partner to have sex with as that can get old quickly.

I am sure it’s hard finding a good man to spend time with, one who’s into you and not looking to hit it and quit it the same day, but they are out there. For some women wanting every guy gives them a sense of control as well as allows them to not get hurt as they don't have to give their heart. Below are a few keys I have put together to help you identify why you want every man you see.

  • You are looking for a quick fix for love and nothing more.

  • You are unaware of your behavior that says you are not looking for commitment.

  • You are afraid of getting emotionally attached or sexually involved.

  • You are not looking to give your heart away.

  • You hate being tied down to one person.

  • You love variety.

These behaviors and patterns are loud and clear to the person you are trying to hook up with and you should avoid them, or you will end up alone. Give yourself credit for wanting to get involved, but really pay attention to what you are left with when you give in to too many with nothing in return. If you are a successful and confident person, you should expect to have a successful and strong relationship. No one says you can’t have that but you. You must know that you are worth more than a night of passion and pleasure. Don’t you want to have love all the time? Do you want to have those experiences with someone who’s in love with you? If you want love, you must address these issues before you can find the love you are looking to have.

Stop wasting time on people you will never have or never see again. Stop making dick your focus because at the end of the day you end up sleeping alone. The only limits that you are making are the ones for yourself that can give you complete happiness. Know the no sex rule before you get involved with a man. Give yourself a chance to know them without knowing their body.

Once you see that dating the world only stops you from finding what it is you are looking for then you will stop looking in all the wrong places for something more than a one night stand. You are looking for love and commitment, don’t settle for anything less.

A man’s way of thinking is if she sleeps with you on the first or third date then she’s not worth getting to know. If you want something more, something real you must be real yourself. Love doesn’t follow one night stands no matter how many times you tell yourself that you may be in love, it does not happen.


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