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When Love Feels So Right!

One may say love is a drug and I would have to agree. The high you feel when love feels right can take you on an emotional rollercoaster or high that you can never imagine once your heart is open. Love is intoxicating if you haven't noticed. How can I explain it, love brings joy to the heart, and your heart eats it up because it feels good. The key to keeping the love you have is communication and trust. If you don't have it, you can't say you are going through the motions of this intoxication. Make your love count by not holding back how you feel. It does not matter when you find love or at what age, hold on to as it will take hold of you.

Never take for granted the way you feel when it comes to love. What makes the way you feel so right is having someone who understands everything you are feeling because they feel the same way. They love you as much as you love them and nothing, nor no one can break that feeling. Do you believe you can have this for the rest of your life? Are you dreaming? Love can be a bit confusing when you learn to give yourself in return for love. What feels right to you? This is the question you must ask yourself daily and know that everything you do going forward with this person is real or you may be wasting your time. Never be afraid to show your love.

Is It Overwhelming?

Of course, but you can't stop what you are feeling. You go for it and trust your heart to guide you through this experience. More so you believe in what you are feeling and that my dear makes all the difference in the world. Do you think of your love being rejected or your partner pulling away from you? Sure you do, but at this moment the experience and what you are feeling for your partner is so damn worth it. Put pride aside and allow love into your life.

Love Is Scary

Yes, but you are far too deep in loving this person to turn around and you know this already. Go with the feeling and allow yourself to experience the beauty of being loved. This is not the time to run away or talk yourself out of what you are experiencing. Having someone who cares more about you more than you care about yourself can feel unreal, trust me I know. You deserve love so stop denying yourself. Why are you worried? Maybe you never saw yourself in love and sure love is good and having someone in your life, but don't let your fear of love cause you to walk out on love.

How Should I feel?

Finally, this is what I have been waiting for you to ask for some time now, but I think you already know the answer to this question. Let's just say you feel a wreck as falling in love leads to emotional and pyschological instability. Below is a list of the highs and lows you have being in love.

  • Sleeplessness

  • Loss of appetite

  • Racing heart

  • Exhilaration

  • Euphoria

  • Anxiety

  • Racing thoughts

  • Fear

  • Emotional

When you find that special person to share your love with, it just feels right trust me I know. Now that you believe in love, you express it in everything you do for that person. Being in sync with your partner is just the tip of the iceberg since your heart is open and wiliness to experience all love has to offer. I can't stop thinking about you no matter what's going on in my life and that feeling is shared. Could they be reading your mind? How can we say the same thing at the same exact time? You are connected and you know it. This is one feeling you will live to die for, trust me. Do you doubt what you feel? Are you giving your all? Are you expecting the same love in return? Sure you are and you are feeding off that love every day.

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