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Becoming Exclusive

You've found that person who seems to make you feel good inside and want to spend every minute with them, but you don't know where you stand. If you want more out of the relationship, give yourself time to access what's going on between the both of you. God forbid you end up being the only one with those strong feelings. How long have you two been dating? Is this person girlfriend or boyfriend worthy? Don't be quick to jump into bed since this way of thinking will only get you a broken heart later. There will come the moment where you need to have that talk with the person you are going out with about being exclusive.

There is really no easy way to bring it up other than just saying we need to talk and letting them know, you would like to take what you both have to the next level. Meaning, going out is cool and fine, but dating exclusively is what you seek going forward. The person you are saying this too will either be on board or let you know how they truly feel which may not be what you want to hear. Knowing where you stand is what is important here nothing else.

Should I continue to see other people while we figure this out?

Of course you should. Why on earth will you give your all to someone who has yet to accept you as a partner? Playing games should not be a part of the making them your girlfriend or boyfriend. Here’s the scoop, if you are having sex or seeing other people on the side, don't expect them to give you the respect by being exclusive to you when you are far from that with them. How do you let the person you are going out with know you want to be exclusive? Just because someone goes out with every day or weekend does not mean they want you as their girlfriend or boyfriend. If you are not willing to ask the tough questions for fear of rushing, you are not worthy of having them in your life.

Are you sleeping with anyone else?

Just because the person you are dating is interested in your personal life as it relates to them does not mean they are being exclusive to you the way they want you to be with them. People will tell you what you want to hear to move as quick to the next level in the dating process, sex. Don't be quick to fall for this just yet, give yourself time to get to know the person. Having sex when you don't know where you stand with someone only complicates things later. There are a rush of emotions and feelings that come with having a sexual relationship, so not knowing if you are exclusive or not can only confuse you into thinking you are an item when you are far from it. The key is both of you giving the relationship a shot. Once you both have agreed to date, you can both explore that area without the fear of being left or worst not wanted past the friend with benefits zone.

If you are that person who falls in love easily having sex, then make sex off limits until both have agreed upon dating. Having sex without any answers to where you stand will bring about possessiveness and insecurities.

So before you go out sharing your time, money and love with someone, make damn sure they are worth it by knowing where you stand!


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