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Battling Those Holiday Blues

Even though the holidays are about joy and spending time with friends and love ones many people suffer the holiday blues and are unable to snap out of how they are feeling. Holiday blues can trigger a blender of mixed emotions and symptoms of anxiety and depression to different degrees. Everyone goes through depression, but they find a way to get out of it. What so much going on in the world today the holiday blues may affect people in many different ways and in more ways than we can imagin. Sometimes depression can be a more serious issue that has gone unnoticed and now with life changes is rearing its ugly head.

People who suffer from the holiday blues tend to have unrealistic expectations of what the holiday is supposed to look like to them. Suffering from any degree of depression or anxiety does not feel good and its felt more during the holidays. Everything inside of you wants to have a good time, you just can't find that place deep inside of you where you feel happy enough to show it.

Below is a list of signs you may be battling the holiday blues.

  • Increased alcohol use- Sure you are looking to have a good time, but if you are depressed know that drinking too much will make it worse. Limit your drinking when you are not feeling well and find other ways to celebrate the holidays without adding to your depression.

  • Lack of sleep-Not having time for yourself can lead you to not getting the rest you need. Meeting and greeting family and friends can make you feel as if you are unhappy about the approaching holidays. Pay attention to what’s going on and get plenty of rest before and after the holidays.

  • Overeating-Many people find that by eating what they love they get satisfaction over depression. This is far from the truth, so don't turn to food thinking it will make you happy.

  • Lack of planning-Don't push yourself to do things you were not planning on doing If something did not get done, don't sweat it or you will end up running yourself around town and stores trying to do last many chores.

  • Death in the family-When you lose someone you love seeing others celebrating when you are still suffering inside does bring additional grief, depression and anxiety. Learn to enjoy those people who are around you and who love you.

  • Single life-You never saw yourself celebrating the holidays alone or maybe you have been single for years and wish you had someone to be with during the holidays. Know that these feelings will send you in and out of an emotional spin, try to keep yourself busy and around family and friends who love you.

If you are dealing with the holiday blues or depression there are places you can turn to for help. You don't have to go through feeling the way you do alone. Sometimes we need someone to talk too who understands and can help guide us when we are stuck in our emotions and feelings.

All Types of Crisis

  • United Way Helpline


  • Suicide Hotline


  • National Suicide Prevention Help


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