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6 Reasons Why You Are Not Dateable...

You tend to run every potential date away with your arrogant, clingy and needy ways....

I see you are still trying to find love, but your attitude is horrible. Sure you're tired of your friends and loved one's finding love while you are searching behind bushes and in alleys looking for someone to call your own. Yeah, you got your shit together or maybe you don't, but either way you struggle to keep a healthy relationship. Here’s the scoop, you're putting too much or too little of yourself out there and that can be a huge turn off, no doubt. You haven't changed your approach or style of dating in years and you wonder why you're still single? Hell, even a car needs a tune up from time to time, so maybe your style of dating is outdated. Change your approach, attitude and style and love will knock at your door.


You are not bad on the eyes and seem to attract your fair share of other good looking people, but as you know being eye candy will not make sure, you have a successful relationship. Although you play it off as if you don't care, deep down inside you do and that's for damn sure, pull it together and stop putting all your time on physical attraction. There's more to making a relationship work than being cute. Stop boring your date to death with your old or outdated photo's or worse talks about you or how wonderful you are as a person, you're killing your chances before you even start.


Sure you're all about your business and showing off how secure you are on dates when you're really not. Stop kidding yourself into thinking you are not insecure, I mean everyone has something they don't like about themselves. Your constant praise of yourself screams you are insecure and hope to cover your negative attributes with positive ones as if the person you are dating can't see you have issues. Relax and stop pushing yourself onto your date, if you are a secure person, you won't have to say it, trust me.


So are you seriously telling me that you can't keep a date because people are intimated by the fact you have a brain? Being able to converse with someone in an intelligent way should not run anyone away. What could you be possibly saying that makes your date feel as if they can't keep up with you or your brain? For starters I am not about to fall for that one and you may be giving yourself more bullshit credit for being deep when you really are not. Stop talking and breathe because from where I am sitting you are not giving your dates a chance to tell you how they feel or where they see the world is heading.


Dating someone who’s clingy is like a prison sentence. Who wants to be with someone who won't let them breathe? You want to see this person every day of the week and that can be a burn out for anyone who dates you and likes their space. You can't grow a relationship if you're smothering it to death, I ‘am just saying. Sometimes spending less time helps your relationship while spending more time hurts it, it all depends on where your relationship is at and how much time or lack of time you spend together. If you don't want your partner getting tired of your in the dating process, back up off them and let them breathe. I am sure if they are tired of you now, marrying you is nowhere in their plans.


Please don’t get confidence confused with arrogance since they are far different. What should be confidence in dating can easily be arrogance and that’s something you don’t want to have to deal with in a relationship no matter the gender. If you have a hard time admitting your mistakes you have a long way to go in finding love since being in a relationship is all about honesty. Having a I said it or do what I say attitude is a red flag that is the reason you can’t keep a date or stay in a relationship longer than six months to a year, because you are one arrogant fool. If you really want to be dateable, this is something you must change, no need in trying to fix it because you are not looking for it to stay, get rid of it instead.


Whenever you step into a relationship try to leave being needy on the doorstep. Don’t even look at it since it will surely kill your relationship and push your partner away. Face it, needing attention all the darn time is not cute and can easily become a burden for your partner. By being needy you constantly seek validation from others. Who wants to deal with that in a relationship? Hell, who wants to be that person who needs constant reassurance on everything he or she does, if you are dating this way, this may be one of the reasons why you are hopping from one person to the next looking for love, it’s not them, it’s you with the issues.

If you want your relationship to work but you struggle with the list above, its time for you to change your approach and style of dating. Changing the person you are dating is not going to fix the relationship if you are dealing with your own set of issues. You want to address those issues that can hinder you from staying in or keeping a relationship or being happy by becoming the best you for your partner. As you are able to work on yourself, I am sure if your partner is dealing with similar issues you would become an example of what and how to be a good partner for them which would improve and make for a healthy relationship.

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