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Should He Stay The Night?

I never thought I would meet someone like you, someone who can make me laugh at the drop of a hat. Now I find myself thinking about you every day since the first day we met and we have yet to figure out where we stand, I can't get you out of my head. I know having sex would be too soon, but I am not sure where to place my feelings other than in you, I see myself loving you. Should I ask you to stay the night with me? Is it too soon? Would you think differently about me in the morning? They say a good man will never stay with a woman who gives it up to anyone, but I don't think you are anyone and what we shared in such a short time has me wanting more. Am I kidding myself thinking you are looking for a woman like me? We have yet to go on an official date, yet I am fine with that if you are. But is asking you too stay the night a mistake, something I will later regret?

Don't Go Down That Road....

Sometimes you just want to be loved and may not care whose love you receive. Just because you made love does not make it real. And asking a man to stay the night with you will only confuse your heart the next day. You must be willing to know where you stand and if it's worth your heart getting involved. If you don't want to find yourself lonely only thinking about what could have been, don't go down this road. If you see a future relationship, stay the course through getting to know the person without giving away your soul. If they are into you, they will take the time and effort to get to know you the right way. Learn to put your emotions on hold; nothing is worse than loving too soon. I promise that if there is something there you will not miss it and loving someone who is all in is so well worth the wait.

What Do I Do With These Feelings?

You are full of energy and that energy may be centered around wanting to love someone even it that person is not worth having you. Get up and keep busy, focus on what you are looking for and go after it, without restrictions or demands. If you have strong feelings about that person, get to know them and find out if they feel the same way about you the more you know the more you can make the right decision for what's best for you both. I know sometimes you just want to hold someone in the middle of the night, but make sure they're worth every minute of your time. Intimacy can be a tricky beast and can leave you with feelings you were unsure you had the next day. Could those feelings be all positive? It all depends on where you are standing at the moment of impact. Don't give up your power over a moment of loneliness for a night of pleasure with someone who is not yours since it will never leave a good taste in your mouth the next morning. Know what you are doing when you ask a man to stay the night with you.

What If I Never Find This Again?

This man has blown your heart away and you want to show him just how much, but think about it first. For the first time in a while you are not the one who will be sitting home alone when love is a phone call away. Don’t get caught up in feelings or words. If you just want to put yourself out there go for it, but I don’t recommend it since I know you want so much more and the truth is you want all that a man has to offer. Never waste loving the wrong person or catching feelings for someone who may never invest in you the same way you want to invest in them. Don't be a fool for love, if a man can't give you his all than he isn't worth it. Never settle for friendship with benefits if you want so much more.

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