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If Letting Go Hasn't Been Easy,You Are Emotionally Stuck....

I know just how you feel when you suffer loss or tragedy. You think of running away or worse hiding yourself away from the rest of the world. You know this is not the time to run and hide, but stand your ground in the face of whatever has taken your heart, your smile, laugh and peace of mind. Life will never offer you more than you can handle yet the universe is trying it's best to break you into a million pieces at this moment. What you do not know is that everyone's experiences when it comes to hurt and pain makes them feel as if they are the only one's on earth whose going through it and for that reason they feel all alone.

What you feel is real, let me make that clear, but you don't have to live in the pain alone for the rest of your life. When the place you are in is no longer available, create a new one where you can have peace. People can tell you they are sorry all day long, but as you and I know, it does not stop the pain, loneliness or that deafening scream that you are afraid to let out for the world to hear. And you know that after crying so much your tears losses it's salty taste because even your tears get tired of falling down your face. Knowing when to end that issue or problem that won't leave you alone is when you take control of your life, just don't be afraid to shut the door behind you and start over.

Below is a list on why you should let go and move on.

  • It's healthy.

  • You have a better understanding of yourself.

  • You are less stressed.

  • You become anger free.

  • You learn to trust yourself more.

  • You laugh again.

  • You are no longer affected.

  • You become stronger and an overcomer.

Below is a list of how staying emotionally stuck can hurt you and make you sick.

  • You battle depression day and night.

  • You live in guilt, blaming yourself for something that was beyond your control.

  • You don't forgive yourself or feel you should have done more.

  • You live in a false reality so you don't have to face your truths.

  • You are up and down from day to day.

  • Living becomes a daily struggle.

  • You are angry.

  • You start to hate life.

  • You feel ill and everything hurts your heart, head etc.

  • You push others away who love you.

  • You start self-medicating just to cover the pain.

  • You are forever screaming inside, the voice no one but you hears.

Could this be a dream?

No, it's not, it's real, but I am sure you would like to wake up in your bed hoping and praying everything you've just experience was a bad dream. What you have been going through is real, so wake up or pinch yourself. Forgive yourself for standing in the same place for the last year and for thinking it wasn't real. Face a new day, moon and sun and live again. You have been holding back your life by not wanting to take a step forward for fear of what others will say or think. The answers to becoming emotionally unstuck are up to you, and how you see your life going forward.

Being emotionally stuck is far worse than physical pain because many times you don't even know you are stuck in one place. It's like being in a coma, you don't realize you are not awake and your mind protects you from hurt and pain. It does so, by not letting you wake up to the truth of what has really happened to you because what has happened to you is tragic. You can only be in a coma for so long before you have to wake up and live or get out of your emotions.

When you truly open your eyes you will see a different world around you and one that loves you and respect you for who and what you are, don't forget that, so wake up. Create the world and life you want and don't let anyone stop you from achieving your goals.

Why You Can't Escape?

The answers you seek are inside of you, so it's up to you to find your truth and make the necessary changes in your life for your truth to become your reality. Be ready to face anything and everybody when you stand your ground. There are never any happy prisoners and this is true for your heart and mind. Holding on to anything for any length of time will cause emotional pushback. Below is a list of ways to break free from your own prison.

  • Remove all things that remind you of such events.

  • Trust that you will not be in this emotionally place forever.

  • Focus on making the right choices.

  • You can't turn back time, but you can create a new future for yourself.

  • The sooner you let go, the quicker you can move on.

  • Know that it's okay to grieve the life you had before.

  • It's okay to tell yourself you are afraid.

  • Sometimes we stay in places that feel safe, learn to keep moving.

Please get up and move, you are not alone if you can only see that every minute and second of the day others are getting up all around you by creating their own escape door to freedom.

Time To Let Go.

Yes, it's time to let go and you will be happy when you do, I am sure of that, you just have to take the first step. Life issues hurt and pain every day, and no one is exempt from feeling that pain. It does not matter what you are going through you still must learn how to let go and move on to save yourself. I had to learn this very hard lesson myself because life was issuing me one blow after the other and I felt like I could not hold on, I was literally losing my grip on everything, gripping so hard that I could not feel my fingertips. But what was I unwilling to let go? Why did I need to feel the pain and hurt? I held on because as much as it hurt, it was something I knew and it was the only way I could live. This is how others saw me, broken. I had to invasion myself without pain and hurt to let it go and I did just that and was able to let go of all the things that crippled my mind. I learned that I held on to my pain more when others told me to move on. Heck how do they know how I feel? No one understood me. What I did not know is that everyone suffers hurt and pain that breaks their heart and I was no exception. I held on to it as if it was a trophy. Looking back on everything I realized I was stuck with life heartbreaks. In some crazy way you hold on to all that pain and hurt because it's through being stuck you exist through it and see yourself as that hurt person or illness while you die inside. I let go to save myself and those around me who were suffering with me. When you really let go, you are saving your own life and thriving despite roadblocks and death blows upon your heart. You become a overcomer.

If I can let go and overcome my hurt and pain life has issued me over the years, so can you!

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