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Why So Angry?

Life happens and you of all people should know this... So why in the hell are you so angry?

Making sure you do what's right does not mean others will do right by you. If you have been paying attention to your life decision you should know that nothing comes without a reaction. If you were trying to do things on the slide or let’s just say malicious, you got what you deserved from the parties involved. Being angry about your life not working out is not going to make others see you as a victim not now nor ever. Get over it, yes that sounds harsh, but who are you really kidding by holding on to pieces of yourself or that event you won't are or too afraid to let go. Life is asking you one question and that question is, "What are you going to do about it?" Yes, what are you going to do about the fact, I kicked you when you were down, held your head underwater, punched you as hard as I could in the pit of your gut or stolen your health, life and career away? For starters you can take ownership of your life right now.

When are you going to grab life by the balls and demand more? Who do you expect to help you through this process? Faking the funk as if you had nothing to do what has happened is not going to bring you piece of mind, but instead keep you suspended in a constant loop of anger and spite. Sure it should not have happened to you, others have experience far worse, yet you are the one who is the angriest. If you could go back and undo your mistakes, would you? If you can think twice before behaving the way you did, would you? And if you can take back every damaging thing you've said to those you claimed to love, would you? You are only fooling yourself if you think your anger is justified. Life is far from fair and you play your position the best you can without losing who you are and what you are in the process. You simply learn from the worse of your actions and behaviors to become the best you going forward.

Why should I let go?

You should let go because if you don't you only imprison yourself not the other person. While life goes on, you are the last thing on their mind. When you are angry and suffering, it means they are thriving and happy. Something about that picture is just not fair and it's up to you to change the channel in your heart, emotions and mind. Sometimes life and other people get the best of you, it's no secret and when you can admit that, you are well on your way to accountability of owing who you are. Needing to be angry all the time does not change the situation nor does it make you better, you end up being a bird in a tiny cage with no food or water to sustain you, yet you expect to survive somehow. This is how, I see anger and people who harvest it, as a tiny bird starving for someone to set them free from their fears, anger, pain and accountability when they are the ones in control holding the key to freedom.

It does not matter if its death, illness, divorce, betrayal or insanity, you are the keeper to your soul and emotions and to what you ought to feel. Emotions are all in one’s mind, yet it's very real and changing how you feel is the only way to gain control over what has you angry. If we could travel back in time, there would be no use or need for emotions since changing ones outcome would always yield something positive.

While You Are Angry, Someone Is Smiling....

I've always believed that when you are at your worse or angry, someone you know is somewhere smiling despite your troubles, heartache and pain. They can carless what keeps you up at night and why. Stop letting your anger become a celebration for those who seek your destruction. Pull it together, yes what has happened to you was dirty, it was not right and you deserved better, but that's not happening, now is it? Instead of seeing yourself as being without, see yourself as the one controlling the situation. For when those you love place you in exile, you build a world of your own where you thrive even if it’s in your mind.

Below is a list of how to let go so you can take back your life.

  • Accountability- Take control over the part you played in what has happened be it bad or good.

  • Stay away from angry people- Keeping angry people around will not help you to let go and move on in life, you will stay stuck.

  • Forgive yourself- Something as simple as forgiving yourself for what you are going through is the best way of letting go.

  • Trust yourself- Trust that you will not stay in this place for long. If you want to move on, think of moving on and you will bring it into fruition.

  • Leave it in the past- Holding on to what hurt you will not change a thing, look for new ways to start over and move on.

  • Small steps- You may not have the answers you seek, in time you will have everything you need, but for now take small steps. Working your way back to something you lost is never easy.

  • Appreciate where you are at in this journey- Find good in each and every moment you breath. Do something positive for others. You may not always be able to change your personal situation, but helping someone with theirs can take you on a greater discovery to your greater self.

Your problems should never change who and what you are, but it should make you stronger. But you can’t become strong if you are too angry to see the light of day. Everyone has their own cross or burdens to carry and no cross or burden is easy, sure you would like to go through something you feel will bounce you right back to the person you are while never leaving you with any dents or scars, but that’s not real life now is it? Stop letting people or circumstances keep your face to the dirt or the bottom of their shoe. No one is giving an easy way in life, not even me and by now you should really let go of that anger. No one can break you unless you are meant to be broken from which you and only you will learn something others will not. You are the best person for the things you are going through and experiencing. So I ask again, why so angry? A better you is only a thought away.

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