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Sexual Slavery...Human Trafficking

One minute you think you're safe in this great big world we live in and the next minute you realize that you’re not. Many of us know of someone who never made it home and is still missing till this day. May be they were your daughter, sister or friend, but whoever they were, they are gone as if they just vanished off the face of the earth. They leave, many with unanswered questions and in fear. What could have happened? Where did they go? And of course whose responsible for their not being here? This world we live in has a nasty, dirty secret and that secret is that slavery has not stopped. No, it’s gotten a new name or should I say, makeover and it calls it’s new self in 2017 Human Trafficking or Sexual Slavery it's all modern day slavery. Mothers and fathers from all walks of life are finding themselves face to face with this beast and it’s infecting everyone it touches because it preys on the young, weak and innocent while placing them in bondage and lifelong servitude.

Are we all too asleep or distracted by our own affairs that we are missing what is taking place around us? Why is this not being talked about? For starters, most people think sexual slavery/ human trafficking takes place in other countries that are poor and far away from where they live. Not true, anyone can become a victim of slavery/human trafficking because the world is just that sick.

Does Sexual Slavery Exist?

Yes, it does and it's purpose is sexual exploitation. Some women can spend their lives forced into prostitution with no way out. This sexual servitude goes on for years and crosses all cultures. Women are forced by someone they know to perform sexual favors in exchange for financial gain for others and they are forced into this way of life night and day. Other young women find themselves trusting the wrong people who lead them into a world of sexual servitude and abuse. Fighting to leave or quit for many is not without punishment and many women never find a way out. In some cases they are sent to other places or countries where they know of no one, making escape impossible.

Today in the United States human trafficking is becoming stronger by the minute and families are waking up to missing loved ones. The thought of having a daughter is all but frightening in this day and age. Young ladies must learn how to avoid becoming a target for sexual trafficking. Can you imagine being a prisoner I mean sex slave torn away from your family and sent to another place far from home and the people you love? This is far from a movie, it's real life and it's happening now.

Protecting one's self from becoming a victim of groups who seek to steal you away means you must be cautious with everything. Social media although fun, can be a danger in meeting up with these people. Thinking you are meeting someone your age can be a trap for human trafficking and young women and girls should understand this. These groups have found many ways to lure you away from your home without watching you from a car. They just have you come to them, it's just that easy. The sad part of all of this is that those who are a part of the human trafficking ring are the ones drawing out and befriending you. Keep your eyes open and tell your daughters and sons that meeting people from social media is not only dangerous, but it can cost you your life.

Get Involved

Learn what you can do to be a voice for someone who has become the victim of such horror. If you think you can't make a difference, you’re wrong. If you see something unusual in your neighborhood or a child who seems to be afraid or controlled, report what you see. Not doing anything is worse than those who take part in this awful behavior. Teach those around you how to stay safe and what they can do if they sense someone is watching or following them. This will take a world wide effort to stop, everyone is needed in stopping this modern day slavery because at any time it can be in your town or neighborhood. Everyone should be on the lookout for behavior or homes where a large number of teen young women are held. If something does not feel right call the human trafficking hotline below because you just might be saving a life.

Below is a list of how to war against human trafficking in your town.

  • Meet with your local police department to find out how human trafficking is impacting your state and/or neighborhood.

  • Meet with your local neighborhood watch group and set up a human trafficking watch dog group.

  • Create trafficking flyers and place them around your neighborhood to help anyone who is trying to get away.

  • Find out how human trafficking is impacting your town or neighborhood and do something about it.

When you step out to assist in the rescue and recovery of those who have been kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery/human trafficking, you are taking a stand for a greater cause.

Why Can't They Leave?

  • They are locked away in rooms or chained to beds. Some are even in compound like settings.

  • They are sent away. Many don't know where they are or have been taken.

  • They are moved between countries or within a country to keep them confused.

  • They are abused. They are beaten and even raped to keep them in fear.

  • They are very distrusting of others including the authorities. Some may have a record and feel they can't go to the authorities.

  • Drug addictions. Many are hooked on drugs to keep them submissive. The trafficker has forced or supplied them with a wide array of drugs.

  • They may trust the trafficker more than anyone else at this point. Getting them to leave a place where they are given food and a place to stay with drugs is often not easy to give up, even if they are raped and abused.

  • They are ashamed. They realize what they have been forced to do and suffer with self-blame.

  • They don't think anyone cares or want to help them. Trafficking victims do not know that there are programs in place to help rescue them. They could have been told by the trafficker that their family is dead, no one wants them, ttheir family said it was okay, etc.

Trafficking victims need your help and your voice to set them free. If you were the victim of such a crime wouldn’t you want someone to look for you? If you know of something taking place in your area or next door where you live, call the trafficking hotline number below, a life is waiting for you to set if free.


Need help? United States:

1 (888) 373-7888

National Human Trafficking Resource Center

SMS: 233733 (Text "HELP" or "INFO")

Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week

Languages: English, Spanish and 200 more languages


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