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Never Let a Man Tear You Down....

A blessing is not always about receiving, but leaving something behind.

If you are in a relationship where you are being torn down by your partner, it’s time for you to leave. Your worth is not being valued for whatever reason and it's not your fault your man can't see this. Not all relationships are created equal and if a man feels you don't add up to what he wants in a relationship, it's not your fault it's his, he should not have looked at physical attraction if he wanted mental stimulation. You are worthy of love and respect even if the man you are with is incapable of giving you what is needed to feed the relationship.

Being put down in your relationship eats at the soul, and it creates more problems than not. You are not the problem and far from the issues that are in his mind. What he wants and needs, he has not been successful at delivering that message too you, so not only is he feeling something is not right, but you have for a while. Love does not tear you down for the sake of not being compatible; it does not work that way. Sure people say things out of anger, but you are able to go back and deal with those issues. When it's personal and comes out of left field there is no way around the fact that the man you love, loves tearing you down. It's your move now and staying around to take it will hurt you later on, so walk away because he is not deserving of you in his life.

What if he doesn't mean what he says?

Oh, he means it trust me, you need to get out while your soul is still intact. Some men just enjoy tearing a woman down if they feel they are no longer interested in the relationship. This is not how you want to end things I am sure, but listening to this nonsense will have a major impact on your soul if you give it a listening ear. If you are not what your man wants, bid him farewell and leave.

Why should you live your life believing you are not capable of being what a man needs or worse worthy of love and respect? You are in a bullshit relationship that has reached its peak and spiraling down a hill fast, eject now. Yes, it hurts and you will have a mixture of emotions, but you can seek those out once you are in a place where you are not mistreated. Seeing the truth can be a blur if you are still going through pain. Think of yourself or your kids if you have any and do what is best for your future. No one sees themselves in this place, but you are here and getting out is up to you, not your man who doesn't know how to value your love.

What if, I Still Love Him?

Of course you do, I don't expect you not to love him, but he is no good for you and this you already know.

You can't force someone to love you or value your worth. What makes a relationship strong is building one another up, not tearing them down. Your partner does not want you, he is planning on leaving you torn and broken. Why would you want to stay around for the finale when you know the ending? What are you praying and hoping for? Why can't you get it together and leave first? Loving someone can be a curse when that person is cruel to you.

Break the spell and demand more for your life. If you could give yourself the love you seek, I am sure you would not entertain such behavior. Stop entertaining this man and his fake love. Know that when you get the strength to leave, he will beg you to stay. Does he mean it? Hell no, he does not mean it; he does not want you to have the final say, because it represents power and control.

Will I Find My Mr. Right?

Yes, you will and you must know what you don't want, so when you see signs of that in someone you exit the relationship. Everyone knows what they want in a good relationship, but never talk about what they are not looking for, which is the problem. Try reversing that and you will find your Mr. Right sooner than later because you are looking for qualities that are not what you want in your life versus what feels good. This process will make finding those who you feel are compatible to you easy to find.

Change your focus, approach and you will find what you seek sooner, simple and plain. Here is the scoop, many men play on the good qualities of what they feel a woman wants, you know the basics, good listener, communicator etc., but that is not enough to deem a man worthy of your time. How is he when things are not perfect? What is he like when he feels you are not able to assist him? How does he see you if you are not saying the things he wants to hear? All of these questions are crucial to you finding out the negative things first rather than later or before making an investment in someone who is not worthy of your love.

Listen to him when he talks to you and pay attention to the things he says. If you want a man who thinks deep and speaks with compassion, you need to know why this man chose you.

Below is a list of finding out what has drawn that man your way.

  • He loves having sex with you.

  • He loves your breast and ass.

  • He loves the way you cook.

  • He loves how you dress.

  • He loves the way you look.

None of the above talks about how deep or intelligent you are, so he will never tap into that side of you, his loss, but so is yours because you wanted more. If you have more to offer someone make sure they are looking for all you have to offer and not just what's on the outer surface. If you want a man to talk to you and not just stare or want to touch you, seek out those qualities in the man you are looking for. If he is not looking for much in you than he will never see how great you truly are, but blame you for his imperfections and lack thereof.

You are the driver of this vehicle/ relationship and who you allow to ride along side of you can assist you in experiencing love or cause you a head on collision.


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