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Inside The Mind of a Writer, Author Johanna Sparrow

Johanna Sparrow effortlessly writes in lighting speed, stories pour from her soul in two months to a years’ time, something rarely unheard of in the literary world. As she grew older so did her knowledge and understanding of everything around her. She wanted to start a new project of illustrating children’s books in 1990 after attending art school. She was asked to create something for upcoming writers that spark her love and passion to write and illustrate her own children stories and self-help books. Placing her foot in the door of the literary world, she was inspired to not just tell stories, but tell them in a way like none before her. She had to harvest the gifts inside of her that was ever expanding, transforming her in ways only a gifted writer of her caliber could be transformed into. Johanna, understood what it was she had to do with her love for writing and that was to write what she felt letting the world she how transparent she could be with the world around her.

Writing consists of tapping into your soul while birthing new thoughts and ideas. You create a world for others to escape to while helping them to see the beauty and horrors of life.

Johanna started to shift in how she saw the world and changed the world and those around her, she found herself taking more time to create larger works, longer stories that pulled at ones heart strings.

Johanna Sparrow and has been writing for over 21 years. She has published a variety of writings ranging from self-help books to children's stories. In these books, she tackles dealing with personal growth, relationships, conflict issues, and much more. She has used her expertise, knowledge, and experience to create a personal system that she has used since 1995. The "Heart Bruised Conscious Connection Renewal" (HBCRR) system helps in strengthening relationships. Having a brain that new shuts up is what helps her write. At times she finds herself needed a break or rest from her own mind, but would not give up having such a gift and take the good with the bad when it comes to being a writer and author.

She never saw herself as a writer or author, but a story teller. In her teen years she enjoyed telling stories more scary than fun and found it enjoyable. Johanna Sparrow did not start writing until the 1990's when she could not get a story out of her head. "She could tell a story like no one I knew," one of her friends tell me. Although she is happy being a writer and author, she never imagined how much fun she would be having. "This is one of the greatest gifts to have in life," she says. She sees herself writing stories and tackling tough issues in the world as long as she has breath in her body . What she does is not about being at the top or successful, it’s about reaching everyday people by simply making them laugh, cry and find their way back to happiness.

Becoming an Author

In 2014, Johanna Sparrow wrote and released her first self-help book dealing with relational aggression through bullying, gossip, and lies. This book is titled Don't Tell the Milkman If You Don't Want Him to Tell the World. During that same year, she released two other self-help books combating the issue of conflict that affects one's sex life and the other on relationship commitment phobias. Titled The Elephant in the Bed and Sabotage, Commitment Phobias. Johanna Sparrow self-help books focus on relationship issues from both the male and female perspectives.

From Self-Help to Life Coaching

Johanna is here to teach you how to hold on or let go of the troubling relationships in your life through her HBCCR method of step-coded laws. It doesn't matter if you are struggling with issues of dating, marriage, friendships, family, career, personal growth, or tragedy, you can still keep those relationships intact. Johanna has been through many difficult situations that have tested her mind, heart, and strength, and has overcome them all. Now, she is ready to show you how to overcome life issues.

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