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When Love Songs Speak to Your Heart, Understanding Love is Easy.

Life doesn’t always bring you something special, but when it does, man look out.

You’ll know it’s real when you hear it; it makes love to your soul in a way you’ve never experienced. Something about it makes it a rare anomaly because it stands out and takes over everything it touches, or in this case everyone who hears it. You want to hold and squeeze it, but you can’t get your arms around it, I mean your hands are not big enough to hold such a sound and such an experience. The number one reason why you can’t hold it is because it’s created to move you, get inside of you altering your perspective and the way you hear music in this crazy world we live in.

Something that is real and rare will never offer you a pair of rose colored glasses. No, it will offer you an experience of a lifetime, a moment in time where everything stops and feels good to your soul. When was the last time you experienced such a feeling? When was the last time something made you feel good from the inside out? Most people live life never experiencing such greatness, but instead hanging on to every ill and negative experience known to man. This experience can change all of that in seconds. So what if I told you that you can experience that greatness today, would you want it? Can you open your mind to something outside of yourself? Just like medicine does wonders for the soul, this is true for such an experience I am offering you today. When was the last time you stepped away from your playlist or favorite radio station to listen to something breathtaking? There is a special feeling you get when listening to a love song because it touches your soul. And this is the feeling you will get when you experience true love, since love songs are the expression of what you are about to experience, have experience are experiencing at this moment. Love songs are beautiful and make you feel good, it's created with love in mind an expression of ones experiences.

Love songs are sweeter than anything you can imagine, yet magnificent enough to allow you a personal experience are a look into a mirror of what love must feel like. How can something so rare and special not be experienced by everyone in the world? How can I see it, hear it and experience this beautiful music you ask yourself if I don't have love in my life? You can by becoming involved in your own connections and love experiences, allow your heart to open for love.

Once you’re face to face with it, you will never be the same because it’s just that beautiful. For some it’s like falling in love, you know head over hills. And as some old folks would say, “It will have your nose wide open,” when speaking about a love song. And to think some folks never experience such a wonderful and rare feeling. Allow yourself to enjoy the beauty of love songs. Allow your heart to be blown away? Look for those connections in love songs that make you love harder. If you are anything like me when listening to love songs, you may find it hard to stay in your seat while falling in love with love again.


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