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Have A Slice of Humble Pie

Humbling experiences are life's way of knocking you off that high horse you rode in on....

Lately you haven't been able to wrap your head around the fact that you are no longer important to the rest of the world. Yes, folks have forgotten about you since the last time you've taken center stage. No one gives a damn about you or what you've accomplished, you are a dinosaur....

Humbling experiences are part of keeping mankind in check in ways we are not willing or won't check ourselves. Why do people think they are above others because they are able to do something special? And why do people who've had the world's attention at one time feel others owe them some sort of respect when they are down on their luck? These are just some of the questions I've asked myself in the past year. What I've learned is that we are all given at some point in life a slice, if not the whole humbling pie experience of falling down on our luck or losing our way in order to treat others with the same respect we lack when we were on top.

This does not mean you are not great at what you do, but that your greatness will remain, in your mind. Cocky and arrogant people are some of the first to be dished a large slice of this pie by the universe. The picture is never pleasant when eating humble pie because life issues and people see you at your worst. Now what are you going to do about it? How can you get back to that great status? Who will help you to return to your glorious days? Once again you find yourself trying to fight your way past what life has taken from you, but are there any players willing to help you out? Holla, I don't hear anyone running to help you get to that great place in life because people remember how much of a headache you were to work with, how arrogant you were and difficult it was to work with you. Let’s just say, you showed your ass, life showed you the toilet bowl and in the process you were offered a slice of humble pie.

Below is a list of why you are eating humble pie today:

  • Arrogance- you thought you were the shit which was how you treated those around you.

  • Negative Attitude- if someone was not at your level, you were nasty and mean.

  • Pride-no one could tell you anything, you knew it all and thumbed your nose up at others.

  • Lack of respect for others-your gift made you a horrible person to work for and be around. You cared about yourself and what you can get.

It doesn't matter what it is you are gifted in because it's not yours, you are only a channel for it to flow through, nothing more. When you take the higher than thee attitude with your gifts in how you treat others, you spoil whatever experience others were sent to receive from you. Don't let your mistakes in life force you to end up with a life of eating humble pie. Learn what you need to make things right by treating others the way you would like to be treated no matter what level, gift or status they have different from yours.

To avoid the humble pie experience, learn how to not make the grave mistake of treating others unfair. It's one mistake you can't afford to make!!!


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