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Stop Dating Whoremongers and Whores....

You Can't Make a Whoremonger a Husband Just Like You Can't Make a Whore a Housewife.....

Everyone likes to say you can't make a whore a housewife, but who in their right minds would even try such a thing. I am more than sure it confuses the whore and whoremonger when you try to put them in a position they're not qualified to be in such as a wife and hubsand. Unfortunately there are a few sorry souls out their looking for love even if that love is open arms and legs with the rest of the world. Some men can be the biggest whores or whoremongers out walking the earth, and some ladies don’t talk about it. Cheating a little here or a littler their means you are a whoremonger, get that through your skull. The principle would be no different if the person was a woman. If you are really looking for a real relationship and you know your man has a problem with his penis in that, he loves to share with others. Why on earth are you with him? Is your self-esteem that low that any old thing will do even if it's not true to you? Ladies, you can't make a whoremonger a husband even if you found him in church. He has yet to deal with issues and laying in between the legs of other women will not help him figure out what those issues are nor your forgiveness of such behavior is going to change him. What I realized is that you haven't a clue what real love is.

If you met your man talking about a lot of women and how many he has dated and slept with, you are just another tool in the tool box. Once he's done screwing with you no punt intended, he's on to the next. And love for a whoremonger is telling you what you want to hear. They are not looking to give you anything of substance. If anything you find yourself giving more than you wanted and that starts early in the dating process. A taker loves a giver, but you know this already. Do whoremongers marry? Yes, but they don't stay married for long because they are always looking for the next sale or I should say, woman. You can't change someone who does not want to be changed. Focus on what you really want, but know that loving someone who is selfish will never give you what you need and that's for damn sure. Get this is your head, if he plays now, the game will never change. You have already accepted the terms and condition to keep him and that's blaming yourself for his whoremongering ways.

A fast man is no different than a fast ass woman; one has a penis and the other a vagina, simple and plain. Let me be real with you, you should want more from a relationship and know that the person you are looking to wed is not worthy of you. If you play in a trash cane you will end up stinking. Loving a whoremonger can hurt you because you feel you have everything they need and you are willing to prove it. They don't see you, they are driven by their own greed and selfish ways, and there is no room for you.

I Think I Can Change Them..

If you think you can change their cheating whoremongering and whoreish ways, go for it. I am pretty sure you wasn't the first person in their life to think this way, you are kidding yourself if you think you can change their bad behavior. Why oh, why do you constantly attract the worse people at the bottom of the barrel in the dating bucket? You deserve the best and if you aren't looking for it, shame on you. How can you get him to commit you ask? Why can't they change? What is wrong with me? Please don't go off the deep end thinking you have what it takes to make a person change their ways and to want to do better. Some men are just wired to want to do wrong or not be faithful and it has nothing to do with you. I am glade we've gotten that little spill out of the way, I know you see dating this person puts your heart in a state of emergency, maybe you should think about walking away.

The problem is not you, it's the person you've chosen and there is nothing you can do to change it unless they want to change and do right. Life is not always fair as you know, you will not always have with you want in case of a relationship because they can't seem to keep their eyes and hands off of other people. This relationship was doomed before it started, so cut your losses and start over new.

Women are the biggest whroes....

Not true, but men love to use that whenever they themselves are doing wrong. For every whore there is a whoremonger lading up with her. Let's not get things twisted here, neither one of them are worth a real relationship if they are still shopping the market for the next best thing. You are just today's special that has made it past shelf life. In time they will move on to another new thing leaving you with much regret, but you know this already.

Pay attention to the signs if you are dating someone who loves dating other people on the side by getting out fast. Your feelings will eventually follow when you are in a place where you can put things into perspective. Right now you are in a losing battle dating someone who can't be true to you or your heart. What's funny about men saying women are the biggest whores is that most men who feel this way are the opposite of that woman making them by default a whoremonger. You attract what you are unfortunately, sorry I had to break the news to you this way, but it’s true.

If you want something real wait for it, stop your whoreish behaviors and maybe just maybe the universe will see it fit to bless you with real love. Some men and women are not worth loving because of their mentality when it comes to relationships. if you have old fashion ways, stay away from people who are far from what you want in a partner. Make sure you leave sex out of the dating process since it can cause more harm than good because in the end it takes a whoremonger to know a whore when he sees one. Stop putting yourself in positions that makes you look cheap and you will stop attracting poorly qualified men and women. Real love seekers need not date people who accept open relationships. In the end it only benefits that person and not you if you are looking for loyalty and exclusiveness.


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