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When There's No Open Door

Create Your Own Path and Stay the Course...

Life doesn't always offer you a hand-out, in fact it sometimes sits back and watches you figure it out on your own. If life offers a door to everyone's dreams, what would be the sense of finding your way or repeating that old saying, "When one door closes, another one opens." Don't look at not having a door to your dreams as a sign to give up. Look at it as life or the universe telling you to build your own, create a highway and have fun doing it. Isn't it crazy to think that having a doorway to life's happiness is just that easy? Well it's not. Everyone gets to a place in life where they are faced with a closed door, hell some doors are even nailed or sealed shut. But it's your job to figure out how to get that door open or if you even need a door for your destiny. I am not speaking about any particular thing; I am only speaking in general to whatever it is you may be seeking in this world. Create your own door hell; create your own stairway or elevator to get to where it is you are going in life. There are many ways to travel or to get to your dreams. Going through a door is not always practical or the right choice for you. Use your imagination for getting to your final destination and to getting to what you want.


I Keep Knocking

Keep knocking, but I don't think you're getting in. Maybe you have been knocking on the wrong door and your path calls for an airplane, train or skywalk. And a door for you may not exist or worse it may be a little outdated for what you have to offer the world. Knocking on life's door for anything does not mean you will get access in. The process you are using may not be for you and therefore, yields you taking a new route. This is not the time to panic or frustrate yourself because whoever's on the other side of that door won't open it and they see you're trying to get in. Folks are not always going to see you or your gifts and that's okay. The sooner you get yourself together and stop worrying about if you got your foot in the door, the sooner you can master your craft and create your own door if it's indeed a door you want to go through. Learn everything you need to know about your gifts and not just the craft side of things, dive into the business aspect of it as well and don't be surprised when you are just minding your business and working on what you love best, folks or companies come looking for you. It's this way with everything if you really think about it. If you are happy in a relationship it seems everyone wants you, yet when you were single a few weeks or months ago, you couldn't get a date. People want you when you are comfortable with doing things your way. They see that and want you more, crazy isn't it. If that door never opens it's neither good nor bad, but don't stop what you are doing.

Invest in yourself. Not everyone will like what you have to offer and that's okay, to each his own. Focus on growing your business and never allow people who don't support you to step in your way and slow you down especially when you are creating your own path. Always, look for more than an open or closed door when trying to get your message out to the world. Now that you know a door is not always the best option for what you are trying to do, you should feel relaxed in taking the elevator.


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