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Dream Logic

I’ve been keeping a dream journal from the time I was a little girl.

My mother would tell me, dreams were God's way of whispering a secret in your ear or telling you his deepest thoughts as well as what to watch out for here on earth. She also told me that when I wrote my dreams down as I remembered it not adding to it or taking away from my dreams it would be a matter of time before it activates and happens. “It could take hours, days, weeks, months or years, but trust me it will come to past,” she would say. Funny thing about dreams is that no matter how personal they are they still have a universal message that can be shared. You just have to know where to look in your dreams to interpret them to share with the rest of the world. The line between God giving you a message beyond this world and having you pass it on is real. You must have the full understanding of dream logic. My dream flow is pretty regular, I know I will dream and remember every finite detail of that dream when I awake before I go to sleep. I remember if my dreams are in color, black and white or both depending on the message given to me. From time to time I will share with you over the years and from my journals many of the dreams I have been given because I believe are hidden messages for us all.

My life as a dreamer has allowed me to know what steps I should take and ones I must avoid. Now that’s not to say that I have listened to them all, I have had rebellious moments in life where I felt I could change the outcome of my dreams if I do A, B or C, but that doesn’t always work.

Some dreams that I had were just a matter of fact while others were demands and expectations. Everyone has the ability to dream if they are open to it and not blocking their heart to receive something that is not within this realm of reality. Many people may look at dreams as fragments of one’s imagination, unprocessed thoughts, something they ate late during the night or fear. For me dreams are real no matter how silly they seem, they have a message to them all. Don’t get me wrong, you may find yourself dreaming about cookies and ice cream and brush it off as something you want which you go get the next morning because it was so good in your dream, you need it right now. Was it a temptation to something that may not be good for you for many reasons? Was it showing you to watch for self- sabotage? You get the picture.

I am often asked how often do I dream and remember. I would have to say about every night I dream and I wake up remembering it all. I write my dreams down because as the day goes by I only remember bits and parts. Thinking you will remember a dream if you don’t write it down is impossible especially if you are given them often as I am. In the days, weeks and months I will share with you some of my dreams and what they mean universally to the rest of the world. If you are a dreamer as I am, you should be writing down your dreams and watching for them to happen. For a long time, I would have dreams about places and incidents that I had no control over and it burdened me down so much so that I prayed not to have such a gift. I did not want to see what was going on with others, not to mention as an empath I picked up on many of others energy, pain, sorrow and whatever else was happening to them. I don’t deny I have been gifted by God with the ability to feel and see things that the rest of the world can’t see. My connection to people, animals and nature is heightening daily with extreme moments of sensitivity. Did I see myself this way? I did in a dream and it has been one journey after another in my phase of accession to each level. Dreams can unlock so much inside and outside of you when you understand it. This does not mean you will or will not have empath abilities, but I am sure something will open up for you in the world of dream logic. When it comes to dreams, everything has a meaning from animals, people, race, status etc. Symbols have a deeper meaning in dreams along with names given to you before you wake. When you work in creativity, you may receive most of your ideas from dreams or visions something I will talk about on another post. Your dreams may be direct or indirect, simple and plain, so don't stop dreaming. Don't wake up until you are done dreaming!

Remember the answers your heart seeks are found in your dreams.

If you have questions about dreams or your own personal dreams and would like an interpretation of it, feel free to email me at

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