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Dreaming of Sunflowers and Snakes...

I said I would share my dreams with you....

Ever imagined yourself standing in a field of sunflowers. For miles that's all you see and what a sight of beauty to behold. The sky is perfect and you feel a slight breeze blowing on your face followed by sunflowers dancing vigorously in the surrounding field. You spot a large solid tree in the distance with an old-fashioned swing, to your right an old country house with a porch made for sitting and sipping iced tea. Not sure if you want to sit on that old porch or swing on the old tree, but for now your feet won't move. This is living, you can stand in this field of beauty around you while the wind kisses your face forever and not care about a damn thing. Is it real? How can something so beautiful not be shared by the rest of the world? But you aren't alone, you see others have joined you in this large field of beauty and you all take in that moment staring off in the distance.


Suddenly you are quickened to look down at your feet, but everything around you is so peaceful. What is this foolishness that desires you to look away? Why now? How can you take your eyes off such beauty? Without thinking you look down quickly as to get it over with or satisfy that nagging voice inside that won't leave you alone, but all you see is rich black soil. What the hell is going on? Wait, what is that I see? Your eyes focus in on a white cracked shell, what the heck. You take a step back only to find a baby snake curled up under your feet. You ask yourself, is there more than this one? Your imagination takes over and you find yourself obsessed no longer with a field of beautiful sunflowers, but snakes. There are many more than just one I see, and you start looking for snakes in a field of sunflowers and spot two more a good arm’s length away peeking from the dirt as if they too have been taking in the surrounding beauty.

You start to see a different picture than the one you were caught up in or shown moments before, now you are obsessed with looking for more snakes. God knows if you are standing next to one, there are many more where that one came from not to mention the mother and father. Beauty is now interrupted by fear and the unknown. You are not alone and holler for everyone to get the hell out of the field, “There are snakes,” you shout. This was my dream like many I have had from the time I could remember. I keep a journal so when they come to pass I can close that chapter in my life. But I felt this dream represents all of us in life and although it was given to me, I am sharing it with you. What does it all mean, Johanna? I am happy you asked.

Life is beautiful and sometimes you can get distracted by that beauty, the skyline, flowers blowing all around you or that old worn out tree swing blowing in the wind. If you stare too long or stand in one place too long, the snakes are sure to come, if they aren’t already around you. The snakes may be babies but some baby snakes are more dangerous than the adults. It's just a matter of time before they realize you are near and strike. Never allow someone to strike you without warning. Pay attention to what’s going on around you no matter how good it seems, where ever there is peace, chaos is surely near. Keep moving and stay focused.

The next time you are tempted to stand in one place admiring your good work, look down!


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