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Misdirected Destiny

You are destined to be something great and make great things happen, so don't get misdirected...

The focus on your goals are solid and you see yourself loving the life you have. Daily you are working to make your dreams someone’s reality, you are well on your way. Others see your good work and they come running, life is wonderful for now, but there is a problem if you haven’t noticed. Now you are working on or in a field you never saw yourself working in ever before. Time has become limited even for your own goals because you have been building on the wrong success, your own by helping out that loved one or family friend. Helping or encouraging others to stay the course is beautiful just not at the risk of you standing in one place and not working in your destiny. People can take you down a road God never intended for you to go because of their own needs. It’s okay if you have been giving your time to the wrong destiny, get back on track and keep focused.

You have been working in a misdirected destiny. What is confusing about a misdirected destiny is that it feels good, you are helping make a difference, but it’s not your destiny to work in or should I say, stay in. Helping others should never take you away or leave you with little time for your own destiny and it should never make you choose. You help so much that you forget to do your own work or have no time to do it until your desire to work in your destiny fades away. You stop listening to your own heart because you are given duties outside of your destiny stealing that time away. Your destiny no longer has your attention or focus.

Don’t get yourself stressed out over people’s destiny, focus on your own. We all have a destiny it’s just some of us have taken the back seat in working in our destiny field. You can be so busy working like a machine for others that you forget to work on your own gifts. If you know the road, you must follow don’t let anyone tell you differently even if they aren’t saying it with words. If you allow things or people to take time away from you and the things you should be working on, it may be a misdirected destiny. I have done this more times than I could count because I would like to think I am a kind-hearted person, but being misdirected in one’s goals is not good. It means, I need to focus more and set limits for those things that do not match my goals. Life is already demanding and when you bring business into the mix and other things, it’s a rollercoaster ride.

Set Limits

Here is the scoop, you can help people every day, but you have to set limits for yourself and your goals to be successful or you will not make it in your destiny. Some folks don’t know that they are taking you off course, it’s your job to see this and get back on your destiny road. It’s not the other persons fault if this happens to you, but yours. You know what you were called or destiny to do and should not let anything else step in front of that destiny. Look at it like this if you have a baby that’s crying and see another child is crying there is nothing wrong with helping to aid that child with its parent taken you don’t forget about your own child completely by catering to the needs and desires of the other parent and their child.

Never neglect your destiny for the sake of helping someone else, its destructive and self-sabotaging. Know when to help and when to step away to take care of your own business or you will find yourself on a road of twist, turns and loops never taking you back to your true destiny but someone else’s. In the end, you are responsible for your destiny in this reality being given to the world, so stay focused.

Make your goals priority!

If you don’t set limits and make your destiny priority, you will make someone else’s destiny your priority!!!

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